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Suicide Ideation and Behaviour in People with Pathological Gambling Attending a Treatment Service
This study aimed to describe the 12-month period prevalence and risk factors for suicidal ideation and behaviour in a cohort of patients with pathological gambling attending a treatment service.
The South Oaks Gambling Screen: A Review with Reference to Australian Use
The origins and psychometric development of the SOGS are described and an alternative approach to the development of an instrument to detect people who have problems in relation to gambling is proposed.
Risk Factors for Gambling Problems: An Analysis by Gender
This study aimed to develop separate risk factor models for gambling problems for males and for females, and identify gender-based similarities and differences, using data from the largest prevalence study in Victoria Australia.
A comparative study of men and women gamblers in Victoria
This study was funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to extend the analyses conducted for A Study of Gambling in Victoria (Hare, 2009) to provide detailed analyses of similarities
Developing a student-led health and wellbeing clinic in an underserved community: collaborative learning, health outcomes and cost savings
The model of developing student-led community health and wellbeing clinics in underserved communities not only fulfils the local, State Government, Federal Government and international health reform agenda but it also represents good value for money.
Single-Session Exposure Therapy for Problem Gambling: A Single-Case Experimental Design
This case demonstrates a novel intervention which is brief, convenient and accessible to the client, and which resulted in gains maintained over the medium-term, and indicates the need for further research to determine whether positive benefits are realised in larger randomised control designs.
A Process Evaluation of a Self-Exclusion Program: A Qualitative Investigation from the Perspective of Excluders and Non-Excluders
This paper draws on a process evaluation of Queensland’ self-exclusion program to examine how people use the program, motivations for self-excluding, barriers to use, experiences and perceptions of
Gambling patterns of South Australians and associated health indicators, May 2001
Anne Taylor, Eleonora Dal Grande, Tiffany Gill, Paul Delfabbro, Vin Glenn, Sarah Goulding, Hero Weston, Stephen Barton, Nancy Rogers, Andrew Stanley, Richard Blandy, Barry Tolchard, Robert Kingston
GPs and Problem Gambling: Can they Help with Identification and Early Intervention?
More work needs to be done to increase awareness with GPs of the extent of problem gambling in the authors' community and to alert patients to the fact that gambling can affect their health and that GPs can help.
Increasing confidence of emergency department staff in responding to mental health issues: An educational initiative
Abstract Introduction This paper reports on one major finding of an educational initiative aimed at improving the care of persons presenting to emergency departments (EDs) with mental health issues.