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Functional trait space and the latitudinal diversity gradient
Significance We present a conceptual framework for testing theories for the latitudinal gradient of species richness in terms of variation in functional diversity at the alpha, beta, and gammaExpand
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World checklist of hornworts and liverworts
Abstract A working checklist of accepted taxa worldwide is vital in achieving the goal of developing an online flora of all known plants by 2020 as part of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.Expand
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Cyberinfrastructure for an integrated botanical information network to investigate the ecological impacts of global climate change on plant biodiversity
To answer many of the major questions in comparative botany, ecology, and global change biology it is necessary to extrapolate across enormous geographic, temporal and taxonomic scales. Yet muchExpand
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The BIEN R package: A tool to access the Botanical Information and Ecology Network (BIEN) database
There is an urgent need for large-scale botanical data to improve our understanding of community assembly, coexistence, biogeography, evolution, and many other fundamental biological processes.Expand
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A Re-evaluation of Cheilolejeunea subgenus Xenolejeunea
Cheilolejeunea subgenus Xenolejeunea Kachroo & Schust. is emended to account for variability observed in stem anatomy and lobule structure. Cheilolejeunea subgenus Tegulilejeunea Schust. is reducedExpand
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