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The tail suspension test: A new method for screening antidepressants in mice
A novel test procedure for antidepressants was designed in which a mouse is suspended by the tail from a lever, the movements of the animal being recorded, and the test can separate the locomotor stimulant doses from antidepressant doses.
Covariation of Conflict Management Patterns across Macaque Species
Researchers have found an astonishing diversity in conflict management patterns among nonhuman primates. By using the comparative method to study different social organizations, we may understand the
Unity in diversity: Lessons from macaque societies
To understand macaque variation and adaptation, it is necessary to take into account the processes that insure the persistence of their societies across generations and environments.
The Influence of Phylogeny on the Social Behaviour of Macaques (Primates: Cercopithecidae, genus Macaca)
The macaques are the most geographically widespread and behaviourally diverse primate genus. Many of the diversified features of social behaviour and organization in this genus have been attributed
Macaque evolution and dispersal in insular south-east Asia
A new perspective of macaque dispersal through the Indonesian archipelago is proposed, which takes into account sea-level changes, as well as latitudinal and altitudinal rainforest shifts following climatic cycles during the Quaternary.
The automated tail suspension test: A computerized device which differentiates psychotropic drugs
Distributed leadership in semifree-ranging white-faced capuchin monkeys
Abstract We investigated the initiation of group movements in white-faced capuchin monkeys, Cebus capucinus, with the aim of determining whether a single individual with high dominance status
Functional significance of behavioral, morphological, and endocrine correlates across the ovarian cycle in semifree ranging female Tonkean macaques
It is concluded that the main function of sexual displays is to herald the approach of ovulation toward available mates in Tonkean macaques.
The Social Repertoire of Sulawesi Macaques
The social repertoire of Sulawesi macaques is presented, based upon data recorded both in the wild and from captive populations, including communication patterns, movement patterns, sexual patterns, infant-related and play behaviors, and triadic interactions.
The tail suspension test: Ethical considerations
ConclusionThe above analysis of haemodynamic, behavioral, physiological and pharmacological factors concord in suggesting that the Tail Suspension Test is considerably less stressful to experimental