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Patterned media for future magnetic data storage
One strategy to delay the onset of superparamagnetism and achieve magnetic storage densities approaching 1 Tb/in.2 is the use of lithographically patterned magnetic media. While one of the mainExpand
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Intrinsic distribution of magnetic anisotropy in thin films probed by patterned nanostructures.
We demonstrate that the switching field distribution (SFD) in arrays of 50 nm to 5 microm Co/Pd elements, with perpendicular anisotropy, can be explained by a distribution of intrinsic anisotropyExpand
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Nanometer scale observation of high efficiency thermally assisted current-driven domain wall depinning.
Nanometer scale observation of the depinning of a narrow domain wall (DW) under a spin current is reported. We studied approximately 12 nm wide 1D Bloch DWs created in thin films exhibitingExpand
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Current-induced magnetization reversal in nanopillars with perpendicular anisotropy
Devices that show a magnetic anisotropy normal to the film surface hold great promise towards faster and smaller magnetic bits in data-storage applications. We describe an experimental demonstrationExpand
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TOPICAL REVIEW: Nanofabricated and self-assembled magnetic structures as data storage media
Nanofabrication of magnetic storage media, where servo marks, discrete tracks or individual islands are defined, offer the prospect for improved performance and increased areal density. However, thisExpand
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Magnetic recording at 1.5 Pb m −2 using an integrated plasmonic antenna
A recording density of 1.5 Pb m−2 using heat-assisted magnetic recording in a bit-patterned media is demonstrated. This represents a dramatic improvement in track width and optical efficiency overExpand
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Low-stiffness silicon cantilevers with integrated heaters and piezoresistive sensors for high-density AFM thermomechanical data storage
Single-crystal silicon cantilevers 1 /spl mu/m thick have been demonstrated for use in high-density atomic-force microscopy (AFM) thermomechanical data storage. Cantilevers with integratedExpand
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Fabrication challenges for patterned recording media
Abstract Lithographically patterned recording media are one of the approaches to achieving Tb/in 2 and beyond recording densities. This will require fabrication of sub-10 nm discrete magnetic islandsExpand
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High-density data storage using proximal probe techniques
We describe some of the achievements and problems associated with proximal probebased approaches to high-density data storage. Expand
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Near‐field optical data storage using a solid immersion lens
A near‐field optical technique, using a new type of solid immersion lens (SIL), has been developed and applied to the writing and reading of domains in magneto‐optic material. The SIL is a truncatedExpand
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