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Conquest of Abundance: A Tale of Abstraction versus the Richness of Being
A note on the editing Part one: The unfinished manuscript introduction 1 Achilles' conjecture 2 xenophanes 3 Parmenides and the logic of being interlude: On the ambiguity of interpretations 4Expand
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Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty: Clinical Follow‐Up Results
From 1985 to April 1990, 78 clinical dynamic cardiomyoplasty procedures were performed using the latissimus dorsi muscle stimulated with the Medtronic Cardlomyoplasty System. Indications for surgeryExpand
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Modern atrial and ventricular leads for permanent cardiac pacing.
Three hundred and fifteen transvenous pacing leads of various modern designs have been assessed over a period of three years. Of these, 103 were implanted in the atrium and 212 in the ventricle.Expand
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Acute and Long‐Term Atrial and Ventricular Stimulation Thresholds with a Steroid‐Eluting Electrode
Thirty leads with a steroid‐eluting electrode (Medtronic 4003 and 4503) have been implanted in 24 patients, 11 in the atrium and 19 in the ventricle. Six patients received the steroid lead in bothExpand
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Cardiomyoplastie - Technik und erste tierexperimentelle Ergebnisse
Die Cardiomyoplastie (CMP) ist eine Technik zur Unterstützung der ( I lerztätigkeit und/oder zum partiellen Ersatz des Myocards durch einen < herzsynchron stimulierten Skelettmuskel. Dabei wird derExpand
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[Cardiomyoplasty--technique and initial animal experiment results].