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Chemical composition of Capparis spinosa fruit
The known compounds cappariloside A and stachydrin, an adenosine nucleoside, and for the first time from plants of the Capparidaceae family the known compounds hypoxanthine and uracil were isolatedExpand
Diterpenoid alkaloids as a new class of antiarrhythmic agents. Structure-activity relationship
The cardiotropic activities of 111 diterpene alkaloids and their synthetic derivatives having lycoctine, heteratisine, napelline, and denudatine skeletons have been studied. It has been establishedExpand
Berberis alkaloids. XXXVII. Investigation of the alkaloids ofB. oblongata andB. integerrima. Crystal structure of 8-trichloromethyldihydroberberine
Two species of Berberis have yielded 10 isoquinoline alkaloids. In addition to known bases, two artifacts have been isolated — 8-trichloromethyldihydroberberine (I) andExpand
Alkaloids of Arundo donax. XIV. Crystal and Molecular Structure of N-Methyl-tetrahydro- β-carboline
An indole alkaloid of the N-methyl-tetrahydro-β-carboline series was isolated for the first time from Arundo donax, Poaceae. Its structure was solved by X-ray structure analysis.
Alkaloids from Arundo donax. XVII. Structure of the Dimeric Indole Alkaloid Arundaphine
The newdimeric alkaloid arundaphine, a tryptamine-tryptamine base, was isolated from roots and rhizomes of Arundo donax (Poaceae). Spectral data and an x-ray structure analysis established itsExpand
Arcutin — A new type of diterpene alkaloids
The structure of the diterpene alkaloid arcutin, which is isolated fromAconitum arcuatum Maxim. (Ranunculaceae), is solved by x-ray methods. Arcutin represents a new type of diterpene alkaloidsExpand
Synthesis and structure of complexes of Co(II) acetate and Zn(II) chloride with 2-aminobenzothiazole
Complexes of Co(II) acetate and Zn(II) chloride with 2-aminobenzothiazole were prepared, and their structures were studied by IR spectroscopy and single crystal X-ray diffraction. The complexes haveExpand
Alkaloids of Aconitum kirinense. Structure of akirine
The known alkaloid lepenine and the new diterpene alkaloid akirine have been isolated from the epigeal part ofAconitum kirinense Nakai. To establish the structure of akirine, its spectralExpand
Conformational analysis of lappaconitine and heteratisine
The conformation of the carbon skeleton in diterpenoid alkaloids of the lappaconitine, heteratisine, and lycoctonine types was analyzed as a function of the nature of the substituents andExpand
Structure of the alkaloid schoberine
The structure of an alkaloid of a new type, schoberine, isolated from plants of the genusNitraria has been established by the x-ray structural method as perhydro-1,10-propano-4a,8a-diazaphenanthrene.Expand