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Characterization of village chicken production performance under scavenging system in Halaba district of southern Ethiopia
Village chicken production was characterized using retrospective and crosssectional methods, where 280 households rearing local chickens in Halaba district of southern Ethiopia were used for dataExpand
Production systems and reproductive performances of Camelus dromedarius in Somali regional state, eastern Ethiopia
Across-sectional questionnaire survey and focused group discussions were conducted to characterize camel production systems and to evaluate reproductive performances of camels at their naturalExpand
Study of reproductive and production performance of cross breed dairy cattle under smallholders management system in Bishoftu and Akaki Towns
The study was undertaken to investigate the productive and reproductive performances of crossbreed dairy cattle in Bishoftu a nd Akaki under smallholder management system. For the study, aExpand
Characterization of Urban Poultry Production System in Northern Gondar, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia
The study was conducted in Northern Gondar to characterize the village chicken production system under urban condition. A cross sectional type of studies were conducted to collect data from NovemberExpand
Suitability of tagasaste (Chamaecytisus palmensis L.) as a source of protein supplement to a tropical grass hay fed to lambs
Abstract The diets of lambs in the tropical regions of Africa are severely deficient in protein and leguminous trees provide a potential source to offset this deficit. The present study was carriedExpand
Feed Intake, Digestibility and Live Weight Change of Lambs Fed Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana) Straw Supplemented With Atella, Noug Seed (Guizotia abyssinica) Cake and Their Mixtures
Abstract Feed intake, digestibility and body weight change of lambs fed finger millet (Eleusine coracana) straw basal diet supplemented with atella (traditional brewery residue), noug seed (GuizotiaExpand
The effect of feeding different levels of brewers dried grain yeast mixture on the performance of white leghorn chicks
This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of feeding different levels of Brewer’s Dried Grain Yeast mixture (BDGY) on the performance of white leghorn chicks. A total of three hundred andExpand
Assessment Of Cattle Husbandry Practices In Burji Woreda, Segen Zuria Zone Of SNNPRS,
This study was conducted to assess cattle husbandry practices in the crop-livestock production system areas of the highland and mid- altitude and pastoralists in the lowlands of Burji woreda of SegenExpand
Feed Intake, Weight Gain and Carcass Yield Characteristics of Intact Hararghe Highland Male Goats Fed on Different Hay to Concentrate Ratios
Feed intake, live weight gain and carcass yield characteristics were studied using twenty-five yearling intact Hararghe highland male goats (17.6 ± 0.11 kg body weight) fed diets containing differentExpand