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Phosphorus levels in croplands of the European Union with implications for P fertilizer use
Abstract In the frame of the Land Use/Land Cover Area Frame Survey sampling of topsoil was carried out on around 22,000 points in 25 EU Member States in 2009 and in additional 2 Member States inExpand
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Pedotransfer functions in Earth system science: challenges and perspectives
Soil, through its various functions, plays a vital role in the Earth's ecosystems and provides multiple ecosystem services to humanity. Pedotransfer functions (PTFs) are simple to complex knowledgeExpand
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Cd affects the translocation of some metals either Fe-like or Ca-like way in poplar.
In plants, Cd causes perturbation of root metal uptake and is known to interfere with the metal translocation to the shoot. The most significant effect is the strongly reduced transport of Fe. FeExpand
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EEG network connectivity changes in mild cognitive impairment - Preliminary results.
Resting state EEGs were compared between patients with amnestic subtype of mild cognitive impairment (aMCI) and matched elderly controls at two times over a one year period. The study aimed atExpand
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Laboratory tests for strength paramaters of brain aneurysms.
The presentation is focused on the analysis of biophysical properties of cerebral aneurysms, diagnosed and delineated in living human individuals. An aneurysm is a bulging out of a part of the wallExpand
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Changes induced by cadmium stress and iron deficiency in the composition and organization of thylakoid complexes in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
49 Pag., 3 Tabl., 8 Fig. Available online 18 January 2014. The definitive version is available at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00988472
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Pedotransfer functions for converting laser diffraction particle‐size data to conventional values
A . M a k ó a, G . T ó t h a,b , M . W e y n a n t s c, K . R a j k a i a, T . H e r m a n n b & B . T ó t h a,b aHungarian Academy of Sciences ISSAC-CAR, Herman Ottó út 15, Budapest, H-1022,Expand
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Possibilities in plant nutrition.
All operation and method, which try to reduce the pollution of food chain, have a main role in our life. Bio-fertilizers containing less artificial compounds, and therefore, plant growth promotingExpand
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Age-related changes of frontal-midline theta is predictive of efficient memory maintenance
Frontal areas are thought to be the coordinators of working memory processes by controlling other brain areas reflected by oscillatory activities like frontal-midline theta (4-7 Hz). With agingExpand
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Frontal midline theta connectivity is related to efficiency of WM maintenance and is affected by aging
Representations in working memory (WM) are temporary, but can be refreshed for longer periods of time through maintenance mechanisms, thereby establishing their availability for subsequent memoryExpand
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