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Horticultural Uses of Municipal Solid Waste Composts
Composting of municipal solid waste (MSW) has received renewed attention as a result of increasing waste disposal costs and the environmental concerns associated with using landfills. Sixteen MSW
The effect of photoperiod and thermoperiod on cold acclimation and growth of Pinussylvestris
Low temperature acclimation and growth of roots and shoots of Scots pine seedlings under long day or short day (SD), and warm temperature or low temperature (LT) treatments wer...
Endogenous ethylene and abscisic Acid relative to phytogerontology.
Endogenous production of ethylene and endogenous levels of abscisic acid were measured from Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. abscission zoneExplants acropetal and basipetal to the abscissions zone produced less ethylene than the ab scission zone explants.
Effect of Ethephon, Indole Butyric Acid, and Treatment Solution pH on Rooting and on Ethylene Levels within Mung Bean Cuttings.
Light-grown mung bean cuttings were treated with buffered and nonbuffered solutions of Ethephon, indole butyric acid (IBA), and the combination of both, and results resulted in increased tissue ethylene levels with increasing solution pH, but no effect on rooting.
Weed control strategies for field grown herbaceous perennials.
Herbicide injury was generally greater for young plants compared to established plants and phytotoxicity was usually reduced when herbicides were applied to dormant rather than actively growing plants.
Comparison of Conventional and Alternative Nursery Weed Management Strategies
Results support the effectiveness of Wheeler winter rye and perhaps other allelopathic cover crop/mulch systems in controlling undesired vegetation in horticultural field production systems.
Comparison of Conventional and Alternative Nursery Field Management Systems: Tree Growth and Performance
Abstract The effects of 5 nursery field maintenance systems (cultivation, herbicide management, legume (bird's-foot trefoil) companion crop, winter cereal (rye) cover crop/mulch, and mixed grass so...
Changes in Water Relations, Water Flux, and Root Exudate Abscisic Acid Content With Cold Acclimation of Pinus sylvestris L
There was a close correlation between relative water content and water content of woody stems and needles as well as a decrease in xylem pressure potentials of hardy needles, indicating that the reduction in water content was at least partially due to increased water deficit.