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An adaptive algorithm to build up sparse polynomial chaos expansions for stochastic finite element analysis
Abstract Polynomial chaos (PC) expansions are used in stochastic finite element analysis to represent the random model response by a set of coefficients in a suitable (so-called polynomial chaos)Expand
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Sparse polynomial chaos expansions and adaptive stochastic finite elements using a regression approach
Abstract A method is proposed to build a sparse polynomial chaos (PC) expansion of a mechanical model whose input parameters are random. In this respect, an adaptive algorithm is described forExpand
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Polynomial chaos expansions and stochastic finite element methods
This paper is a state-of-the art review on sparse polynomial chaos expansions (PCE) for engineering applications. It contains a step-by-step presentation of PCEs and their use in moment-,Expand
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Polynomial-Chaos-based Kriging
Computer simulation has become the standard tool in many engineering fields for designing and optimizing systems, as well as for assessing their reliability. To cope with demanding analysis such asExpand
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Meta-models for structural reliability and uncertainty quantification
  • B. Sudret
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 9 March 2012
A meta-model (or a surrogate model) is the modern name for what was traditionally called a response surface. It is intended to mimic the behaviour of a computational model M (e.g. a finite elementExpand
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Micropolar multiphase model for materials reinforced by linear inclusions
Abstract A macroscale multiphase model is proposed for assessing the mechanical behaviour of materials reinforced by linear inclusions, such as those commonly employed in geotechnical engineering.Expand
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Modélisation multiphasique des ouvrages renforcés par inclusions
L'emploi d'inclusions de renforcement pour la construction d'ouvrages de geotechnique s'est largement diversifie depuis un trentaine d'annees. On s'interesse principalement dans ce memoire auxExpand
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Sparse polynomial chaos expansions based on an adaptive Least Angle Regression algorithm
Dans cette communication, on propose un algorithme base sur la technique Least Angle Regression (LAR) pour construire une representation par chaos polynomial creux de la reponse d'un modeleExpand
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Uncertainty Quantification and Global Sensitivity Analysis for Economic Models
Sensitivity analysis assesses the influence of input parameters on the conclusion of a model. Traditional analysis methods—based on evaluating the model at a reference parameter vector and changingExpand
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