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Superhydrophobic surfaces: from natural to biomimetic to functional.
Hierarchically Structured Porous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Materials with hierarchical porosity and structures have been heavily involved in newly developed energy storage and conversion systems. Because of meticulous design and ingenious hierarchical
Enhancement of Photocatalytic Activity of Mesporous TiO2 Powders by Hydrothermal Surface Fluorination Treatment
Mesporous surface-fluorinated TiO2 (F−TiO2) powders of anatase phase with high photocatalytic activity are prepared by a one-step hydrothermal strategy in a NH4HF2−H2O−C2H5OH mixed solution with
Layered polyaniline/graphene film from sandwich-structured polyaniline/graphene/polyaniline nanosheets for high-performance pseudosupercapacitors
Binder-free layered graphene/polyaniline composite film was prepared by an environmentally friendly and facile two-step route for the first time. Firstly, a sandwich-structured PANI/graphene/PANI
Hierarchically structured porous materials: synthesis strategies and applications in energy storage
This review takes the characteristic parameters of the hierarchical pores as the survey object to summarize the recent progress on hierarchically structured porous materials for energy storage and hopes that this review can stimulate strong intuition into the design and application of new hierarchically Structured porous materials in energystorage and other fields.