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The overall idea and research interest related with the development of sustainable port infrastructure evolved around the core requirements of continuous reduction of negative environmental impacts without jeopardising economic growth. Expand
Challenges and prospects of electricity production from renewable energy sources in Slovenia
Development of the utilisation of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency represents the main policy for sustainable development. The overall target of the European Union Directive on theExpand
The Impact of Smart Metering on Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Housing in Mediterranean
Comparison between the EU’s 2020 energy efficiency targets and the forecasted energy saving indicates a gap for expected energy savings in 2020. One of the reasons lies in the lack of specificExpand
Context sensitive production planning and energy management approach in energy intensive industries
The need for competitiveness on the global market is the main driver for industrial companies to systematically and continuously analyse all possibilities for the optimisation of production processExpand
Challenges and opportunities of electricity consumption optimisation in Slovenian households
The successful transition to a sustainable energy system based on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources is positioned very high on the political agenda in the European Union (EU). ExpectedExpand
Context-based decision support for sustainable optimization of energy consumption
This paper describes the algorithm for context-based decision support in industry to achieve optimization of energy consumption. Expand
The Concept of an Integrated Performance Monitoring System for Promotion of Energy Awareness In Buildings
In many modern buildings, different monitoring and control systems are used, but majority of them are not directly connected with the energy consumption optimisation. This paper presents a concept ofExpand
Effects of customized consumption feedback on energy efficient behaviour in low-income households
Abstract Smart metering and various consumption-feedback systems can be used as applicable technology to encourage end-use energy efficiency in the residential sector. Many studies have demonstratedExpand
Trends and prospects of energy efficiency development in Slovenian industry
Energy efficiency measures and the utilisation of renewable energy sources have been consistently incorporated into the energy strategy documents of the EU Member States in various sectors. Industry,Expand
An education and training program for energy managers in Slovenia – Current status, lessons learned and future challenges
Abstract This paper presents Slovenian experiences related to a customized educational solution called EUREM (European Energy Manager) involving the training of energy experts in the field of energyExpand