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A new genus and species of Athericidae (Diptera: Tabanoidea) from Cape York Peninsula
The new athericid Suraginella macalpinei n.gen., n.sp. is described on specimens from the Claudie River and Jardine River systems in the north of Cape York Peninsula. This distinctive taxon isExpand
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Labial morphology in Blephariceridae (Diptera : Nematocera) :a new interpretation with phylogenetic implications, and a note on colocephaly
Published studies of mouthparts of adult Blephariceridae have assumed that the labial morphology accords with that of other Diptera, especially that the stem of the labium is constituted by theExpand
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New Fossil and Extant Species of Nemopalpus Macquart (Diptera: Psychodidae: Bruchomyiinae)
ABSTRACT Two new fossil species of Bruchomyiinae (Diptera: Psychodidae), namely: Nemopalpus velteni Wagner, sp. n. (Burmese amber) and N. inexpectatus Wagner, sp. n. (Baltic amber), are described andExpand
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A redescription of Isalomyia irwini Stuckenberg, the wormlion fly of Madagascar, related to an Arabian species for which the new genus Alhajarmyia is erected (Diptera: Vermileonidae)
New material of the Madagascan vermileonid Isalomyia irwini Stuckenberg, 2002 enables a more complete description to be given. This species has exceptional apomorphies in the structure of its headExpand
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Cladistic analysis of Subfamily Bruchomyiinae (Diptera: Psychodidae).
Subfamily Bruchomyiinae is comprised of 60 species and has been referred to as the most primitive within the Psychodidae. The assumed sister-group relationship with Phlebotominae is based onExpand
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A revised generic classification of the wormlion flies of Southern Africa previously placed in Lampromyia Macquart , with reinstatement of Leptynoma Westwood 1876 , and descriptions of a new subgenus
The generic classification of Southern African Vermileonidae is revised in the light of a new cladistic analysis of the lineages present. Most of the species formerly included in Lampromyia MacquartExpand
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