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Definition and feasibility of isolation distances for transgenic maize cultivation
A major concern related to the adoption of genetically modified (GM) crops in agricultural systems is the possibility of unwanted GM inputs into non-GM crop production systems. Given the increasingExpand
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Legume cover crops as living mulches for winter wheat: Components of biomass and the control of weeds
Abstract To gain information about the possible use of legume cover crops as an alternative and sustainable weed-control strategy for winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), an experiment was conductedExpand
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Predicting cover crop biomass by lightweight UAS-based RGB and NIR photography: an applied photogrammetric approach
Easy-to-capture and robust plant status indicators are important factors when implementing precision agriculture techniques on fields. In this study, aerial red, green and blue color space (RGB)Expand
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Are seeding densities an opportunity to increase grain yield of winter wheat in a living mulch of white clover
Optimum plant densities are a key to maximise yields in most crops. However, such information is often lacking for more environmentally sound cropping systems, such as living mulches (LM) for smallExpand
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Growth, yield, and yield components of winter wheat and the effects of tillage intensity, preceding crops, and N fertilisation
Abstract Conservation tillage is widely practiced in semi-arid climates, mostly in small grain crop rotations. It is implemented to a much lesser extent in cool and humid climates of Europe, mainlyExpand
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Effects of row spacing and liquid manure on directly drilled winter wheat in organic farming
Abstract In the optimisation of grain yield and quality of wheat, plant distribution is a key factor. In contrast to high yield levels, at moderate levels, widening the row space did not decreaseExpand
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Response of weed communities to legume living mulches in winter wheat
In order to obtain information about the impact of legume cover crops on the weed community in organic farming, winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) was directly drilled in rows 0.1875 and 0.3750 mExpand
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No-Tillage in Europe-State of the Art Constraints and Perspectives
No-tillage in Europe contains a brief review of agricultural developments over the last three decades beginning in the late1960s. Reasons for attempts to introduce this soil conserving productionExpand
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Knipholone, a selective inhibitor of leukotriene metabolism.
Inhibition of leukotriene formation is one of the approaches to the treatment of asthma and other inflammatory diseases. We have investigated knipholone, isolated from the roots of Kniphofia foliosa,Expand
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