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Recycling of Golgi-resident Glycosyltransferases through the ER Reveals a Novel Pathway and Provides an Explanation for Nocodazole-induced Golgi Scattering
During microtubule depolymerization, the central, juxtanuclear Golgi apparatus scatters to multiple peripheral sites. We have tested here whether such scattering is due to a fragmentation process andExpand
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Isolation of subcellular organelles.
Publisher Summary This chapter explains the procedures for the isolation of nuclei, mitochondria, and lysosomes from cultured mammalian cell lines. Cultured Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells areExpand
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Localization and recycling of gp27 (hp24gamma3): complex formation with other p24 family members.
We report here the characterization of gp27 (hp24gamma3), a glycoprotein of the p24 family of small and abundant transmembrane proteins of the secretory pathway. Immunoelectron and confocal scanningExpand
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Evidence for a COP-I-independent transport route from the Golgi complex to the endoplasmic reticulum
The cytosolic coat-protein complex COP-I interacts with cytoplasmic ‘retrieval’ signals present in membrane proteins that cycle between the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the Golgi complex, and isExpand
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Rab6 regulates both ZW10/RINT-1 and conserved oligomeric Golgi complex-dependent Golgi trafficking and homeostasis.
We used multiple approaches to investigate the role of Rab6 relative to Zeste White 10 (ZW10), a mitotic checkpoint protein implicated in Golgi/endoplasmic reticulum (ER) trafficking/transport, andExpand
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In Vitro Fusion of Phagosomes with Different Endocytic Organelles from J774 Macrophages*
We describe novel biochemical and electron microscopy assays to investigate in vitro fusion of latex bead phagosomes with three different endocytic organelle fractions from J774 macrophages. AfterExpand
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Identification of rabaptin‐5, rabex‐5, and GM130 as putative effectors of rab33b, a regulator of retrograde traffic between the Golgi apparatus and ER
The role of rab33b, a Golgi‐specific rab protein, was investigated. Microinjection of rab33b mutants stabilised in the GTP‐specific state resulted in a marked inhibition of anterograde transportExpand
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Rab33b and Rab6 are Functionally Overlapping Regulators of Golgi Homeostasis and Trafficking
We used multiple approaches to investigate the coordination of trans and medial Rab proteins in the regulation of intra‐Golgi retrograde trafficking. We reasoned that medially located Rab33b mightExpand
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Evidence that the entire Golgi apparatus cycles in interphase HeLa cells
We tested whether the entire Golgi apparatus is a dynamic structure in interphase mammalian cells by assessing the response of 12 different Golgi region proteins to an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) exitExpand
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The biogenesis of lysosomes: Is it a kiss and run, continuous fusion and fission process?
Molecules are transferred to lysosomes, the major, acid pH, digestive compartment in eukaryotic cells, by a complex series of pathways that converge at a late endosome/prelysosomal compartment. Here,Expand
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