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The Astrolabe Craftsmen of Lahore and Early Brass Metallurgy
Summary A study of the metallurgy and manufacturing techniques of a group of eight astrolabes (seven from Lahore, one attributed to India) using non-destructive methods has produced the earliestExpand
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Kepler's Physical Astronomy
Preface1Introduction12Mysterium Cosmographicum83Astronomia nova214Epitome of Copernican Astronomy1385Kepler and the Development of Modern Science202Bibliography206Glossary209Index213Index to theExpand
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The Music of the Heavens: Kepler's Harmonic Astronomy
Valued today for its development of the Third Law of Planetary Motion, "Harmonice mundi" (1619) was intended by Kepler to expand on ancient efforts to discern a Creator's plan for the planetaryExpand
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Epitome of Copernican Astronomy
Kepler published the most systematic of his astronomical works, the Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae, in three sections between 1618 and 1621. The Epitome was a detailed, if idiosyncratic, textbookExpand
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Multichannel astrometric photometer and photographic astrometric studies in the regions of Lalande 21185, BD 56 deg 2966, and HR 4784
The parallaxes of stars determined from the multichannel astrometric photometer (MAP) in the regions of Lalande 21185, BD 56 deg 2966, and from photographic plates in the region of BD 56 deg 2966 andExpand
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The Roots of the New Urbanism: John Nolen’s Garden City Ethic
The New Urbanism has invigorated city planning history by invoking the tradition of American civic design to solve the conundrum of suburban sprawl. Studies have documented the similarities betweenExpand
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Map-based trigonometric parallaxes of open clusters. II - The Hyades: 51 Tauri
The trigonometric parallax, mass, and mass ratio of 51 Tauri, a binary member of the Hyades star cluster, are determined. The parallax solution, 19.4 mas with a standard error of 1.1 mas, is slightlyExpand
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The Universe Unveiled: Instruments and Images Through History
1. Introduction 2. Discovering space 3. Discovering time 4. Understanding the Earth 5. Understanding the heavens Conclusion Glossary List of images Index.
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Utopian Plans for the Modern World
Sustainability, as put forth in the Brutland Commission’s landmark report, Our Common Future, imposes “limits to growth” to ensure development “meets the needs of the present without compromising theExpand
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