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A comparative study on structure–function relations of mixed-linkage (1→3), (1→4) linear β-d-glucans
Abstract The effects of fine structure and molecular size on the rheological properties of six mixed-linkage (1→3), (1→4)-β- d -glucans (β-glucans) in the solution and gel state were studied.Expand
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Efficient single-bit ternary digital filtering using sigma-delta modulator
Efficient filtering of sigma-delta bit-streams using a finite-impulse response (FIR)-like digital filter is presented. Expand
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Engineered chimeric enzymes as tools for drug discovery: generating reliable bacterial screens for the detection, discovery, and assessment of estrogen receptor modulators.
Engineered protein-based sensors of ligand binding have emerged as attractive tools for the discovery of therapeutic compounds through simple screening systems. We have previously shown thatExpand
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Dendrimers as biopharmaceuticals: synthesis and properties.
Two general aspects which need to be considered for the successful application of dendrimers for biomedical purposes are their availability at an acceptable cost and their suitability as regardsExpand
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New drug delivery nanosystem combining liposomal and dendrimeric technology (liposomal locked-in dendrimers) for cancer therapy.
Liposomal locked-in dendrimers (LLDs), the combination of liposomes and dendrimers in one formulation, represents a relatively new term in the drug carrier technology. LLDs undergone appropriateExpand
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New hydroxystilbenoid derivatives endowed with neuroprotective activity and devoid of interference with estrogen and aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated transcription.
We have synthesized a series of new (E) stilbenoid derivatives containing hydroxy groups at ring positions identical or similar to those of trans-resveratrol and bearing one or two bulky electronExpand
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Biological and computational evaluation of resveratrol inhibitors against Alzheimer’s disease
Abstract It has been reported that beta amyloid induces production of radical oxygen species and oxidative stress in neuronal cells, which in turn upregulates β-secretase (BACE-1) expression and betaExpand
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Evidence for a concentration dependent 6(7)Li NMR contact shift in tetrahydrofuran solutions of lithium naphthalene radical anion and the effect of added 6(7)LiCl
The paramagnetic nuclear magnetic resonance shifts for 6(7)Li in tetrahydrofuran solutions of lithium biphenyl, naphthalene, phenanthrene, anthracene and trans-stilbene radical anions have beenExpand
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Perspectives in organometallic chemistry
Group 15 element imido and phosphido cages Coordination chemistry and synthetic applications Neutral clusters EnRn of the monovalent elements gallium and indium. Recent results in synthesis andExpand
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Photoinduced electron transfer on aqueous carbon nanohorn-pyrene-tetrathiafulvalene architectures.
Water-soluble carbon-nanohorn-tetrathiafulvalene (CNH-TTF) nanoensembles were prepared by utilizing positively charged pyrene as an assembly medium and characterized by spectroscopy and electronExpand
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