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The role of allatostatins in juvenile hormone synthesis in insects and crustaceans.
Three types of allatostatins in insects have been isolated: FGLamides, W(X)(6)Wamide, and PISCFs; however, although these types occur in all groups of insects studied, they act as inhibitors of juvenile hormone production in only some groups.
Immunocytochemical localization of Diploptera punctata allatostatin‐like peptide in Drosophila melanogaster
  • J. Yoon, B. Stay
  • Biology
    The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 18 December 1995
The presence of Diploptera allatostatin‐like peptides in interneurons and motoneurons, in the neurohemal networks, and in endocrine cells of the midgut and their absence in nerves to the corpus allatum in Drosophila suggests that these peptides may function as neuromodulators, myomodulator, and neurohormones and not as regulators of the Corpus allatum.
Oöcyte Development in Blattella germanica and Blattella vaga (Blattaria)
In these oviparous cockroaches the corpora allata are inhibited while the female carries its ootheca, and consequently the oocytes fail to mature, and it is suggested that activation of the corporal allata in these unmated females is due to adaptation of mechano- or proprioceptors, or adaptation in the central nervous system.