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Low mass ratio vortex-induced motion
The vortex-induced motion of floating structures is strongly influenced by their low mass ratios (i.e. the ratio of structural to displaced fluid mass). It has previously been demonstrated that theExpand
The effectiveness of the teaching–research nexus in facilitating student learning
Abstract The modern university may arguably be characterised by a steadfast belief in the mutually beneficial relationship between the teaching and research activities of its academics. QuantitativeExpand
Ethics in engineering: Student perceptions and their professional identity development
Professional ethics instruction in engineering is commonly conducted by examining case studies in light of the code of conduct of a suitable professional body. Although graphical presentations ofExpand
Effects of uniform surface roughness on vortex-induced vibration of towed vertical cylinders
Abstract The present study was motivated by a desire to understand the vortex-induced vibration (VIV) of cylindrical offshore structures such as spars in strong currents. In particular, theExpand
Vortex-induced vibration super-upper response branch boundaries
The purpose of this study was to experimentally investigate the vortex-induced vibration response of cylindrical structures with low mass ratio. Much of our understanding of vortex-induced vibrationExpand
Splitter-Plate Wake Stabilisation and Low Aspect Ratio Cylinder Flow-induced Vibration Mitigation
This paper investigates the proposed utility of splitter-plate wake stabilisation as a passive control mechanism for vortexinduced vibration (VIV) mitigation for low aspect ratio cylinders.Expand
Mechanical Model of a Floating Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Conversion Device
The study of floating oscillating water column (OWC) wave energy conversion (WEC) device performance includes analysis of the dynamic coupling of the water column and the floating structure. In theExpand
Vortex-Induced Vibration of Catenary Moored Cylindrical Structures
Mooring systems utilised for floating structures typically introduce non-linear load-excursion behaviour. This non-linear compliance and the accompanying amplitude dependent natural frequency,Expand
An experimental study of the effect of splitter plates on vortex-induced vibration
Significant vortex-induced vibration (VIV) occurs when the vortex shedding frequency about a structure coincides with its natural frequency. This is a cause of major problems in the offshore industryExpand