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Thermal conductivity of AlN and AlN–GaN thin films deposited on Si and GaAs substrates
Abstract Thermal properties of thin AlN, AlN–GaN films are analyzed. The investigated films are deposited on different substrates (Si and GaAs). The photothermal measuring method based on thermalExpand
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High-Temperature Hall Effect Sensor Based on Epitaxial Graphene on High-Purity Semiinsulating 4H-SiC
In this report, we demonstrate a novel high-temperature Hall effect sensor that is based on quasi-free-standing monolayer graphene epitaxially grown on high-purity semiinsulating (SI) on-axisExpand
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Synthesis of GaN by reactive sputtering at low temperature
Summary form only given. The authors report on the technology of GaN synthesis which is based on reactive ion sputtering from a Ga target in a nitrogen atmosphere. This process is carried out at roomExpand
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Thermally activated double-carrier transport in epitaxial graphene on vanadium-compensated 6H-SiC as revealed by Hall effect measurements
Abstract In this report we demonstrate the results of charge carriers transport studies in graphene using a Hall effect sensor fabricated on quasi-free-standing monolayer graphene grown on aExpand
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Selective deposition of GaN layers for semiconductor lasers technology
The method of selective deposition of GaN layer using combination of additional AlN and GaN films has been presented. All layers have been reached by lift-off technique and were etching ALN and dryExpand
Evaluation of hydrophobic properties of organic layers modified with graphene flakes
18 mATERiAłY ELEKTRoNiczNE (Electronic Materials), 2017, 45, 1 the paper presents the results of our research on graphene composites with organic polymers in various media. the following compositesExpand
AIN mirror coating for high-power (AlGa)As laser diodes
A method of high power (AlGa)As laser mirrors passivation with thin AIN layers deposited by low temperature reactive sputtering is presented. In SQW-SCH laser diodes (LDs) with high opticalExpand