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Detecting Backdoor Attacks on Deep Neural Networks by Activation Clustering
This work proposes a novel approach to backdoor detection and removal for neural networks that is the first methodology capable of detecting poisonous data crafted to insert backdoors and repairing the model that does not require a verified and trusted dataset. Expand
Web Service Composition - Current Solutions and Open Problems
Composition of Web services has received much interest to support business-to-business or enterprise application integration. On the one side, the business world has developed a number of XML-basedExpand
Synthy: A system for end to end composition of web services
The proposed solution is based on a novel two-staged composition approach that addresses the information modeling aspects of web services, provides support for contextual information while composing services, employs efficient decoupling of functional and non-functional requirements, and leads to improved scalability and failure handling. Expand
Generating diverse plans to handle unknown and partially known user preferences
This paper proposes the usage of different measures to capture the quality of plan sets and investigates various heuristic approaches to generate sets of plans in accordance with these measures, and presents empirical results that demonstrate the promise of these methods. Expand
Hybrid Planning for Partially Hierarchical Domains
This paper provides a generalized plan-space refinement that is capable of handling non-primitive actions and provides a principled way of handling partially hierarchical domains, while preserving systematicity, and respecting the user-intent inherent in the reduction schemas. Expand
Domain Independent Approaches for Finding Diverse Plans
It is described how two representative state-of-the-art domain independent planning approaches - one based on compilation to CSP, and the other based on heuristic local search - can be adapted to produce diverse plans. Expand
A service creation environment based on end to end composition of Web services
This work presents the first integrated work in composing web services end to end from specification to deployment by synergistically combining the strengths of the above approaches. Expand
Adaptation inWeb Service Composition and Execution
A staged approach for adaptive WSCE (A-WSCE) is motivated that cleanly separates the functional and non-functional requirements of a new service, and enables different environmental changes to be absorbed at different stages of composition and execution. Expand
Information extraction from biomedical literature: methodology, evaluation and an application
A system called BioAnnotator for identifying and annotating biological terms in documents and a system called MedSummarizer that uses the extracted terms to identify the common concepts in a given group of genes. Expand
Understanding approaches for web service composition and execution
This work presents an analysis that includes formalization of the WSCE process, a classification of existing solutions into four distinct categories (approaches), and an in-depth evaluation of these approaches. Expand