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Renewable energy : its physics, engineering, use, environmental impacts, economy and planning aspects
Renewable Energy, published by Academic Press in 1979, is considered the foundation text for renewable energy studies worldwide. The First Edition put renewable energy on the map, academicallyExpand
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Life-Cycle Analysis of Energy Systems
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Renewable Energy Focus Handbook
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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
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Renewable energy technologies
Volume I: Renewable Energy Origins and Flows 1. History Energy use by humans and their societies, milestones in technology development 2. Flows Solar energy cycle, creation of indirect flows andExpand
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Acute excision or exposure treatment? Final results of a three-year randomized controlled clinical trial.
Which treatment, acute excision or exposure, is the method of choice in the treatment of patients with small, medium-sized or large burns, and superficial or deep burns respectively? In an attempt toExpand
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Energy use by Eem Neanderthals
An analysis of energy use by Neanderthals in Northern Europe during the mild Eem interglacial period is carried out with consideration of the metabolic energy production required for compensatingExpand
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The Total Number of Burn Injuries in a Scandinavian Population
The treatment of burn injuries must be on two fronts. Within surgical treatment great advances have been made, and the next improvements must doubtless be made in the form of better prophylaxis.ThereExpand
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Clinical use of laser Doppler flowmetry in a burns unit.
Laser Doppler Flowmetry (LDF) is a new noninvasive technique by which microcirculation changes in tissue can be studied. This has been done in a Burns Unit on burned as well as non-burned patientsExpand
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