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Minimum and Maximum Variance Analysis
The main purpose of minimum or maximum variance analysis (MVA) is to find, from single-spacecraft data, an estimator for the direction normal to a one-dimensional or approximately one-dimensionalExpand
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Magnetopause structure and attitude from Explorer 12 observations.
It is shown how satellite magnetometer data at a magnetopause penetration can be used to determine the vector normal to the magnetopause current layer and the magnetic-field component along thisExpand
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Magnetic field reconnection
A reasonably detailed description is obtained of the current status of our understanding of magnetic field reconnection. The picture that emerges is of a process, simple in concept but extremelyExpand
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Plasma acceleration at the Earth's magnetopause: evidence for reconnection
A characteristic of magnetic field reconnection is the acceleration of plasma as it flows across a rotational discontinuity. At the Earth's magnetopause this effect has only been observed recentlyExpand
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Adiabatic particle orbits in a magnetic null sheet
The adiabatic theory is presented for charged particles moving in a region where the main component of the magnetic field reverses its direction. The unperturbed field configuration isExpand
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Modulation instability of circularly polarized Alfvén waves
The stability of a finite amplitude circularly polarized Alfven wave of wave number k0 is studied by using the two-fluid isentropic equations. Linear perturbation analysis, involving two sidebandExpand
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Extended magnetic reconnection at the Earth's magnetopause from detection of bi-directional jets
Magnetic reconnection is a process that converts magnetic energy into bi-directional plasma jets; it is believed to be the dominant process by which solar-wind energy enters the Earth'sExpand
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Acceleration of particles reflected at a shock front
Reflected particle acceleration at magnetospheric bow shock front attributed to interplanetary electric field
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Explorer 12 observations of the magnetopause current layer
The variation in magnetic field magnitude at magnetopause is examined with the objective of separating boundaries of the rotational-discontinuity type from those of the tangential-discontinuity type.Expand
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Magnetic field reconnection in cosmic plasmas
A brief review is presented of the concept of magnetic field reconnection or merging. This process occurs whenever an electric field is present along a separator line in the magnetic field. The basicExpand
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