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The impact of land conversion on plant biodiversity in the forest zone of Cameroon
Floristic surveys were carried out in different land use systems(primary and secondary forest, fallows of different ages, cocoa plantations,crop fields) within the forest zone of Cameroon, to assessExpand
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Height-diameter allometry of tropical forest trees
Tropical tree height-diameter (H:D) relationships may vary by forest type and region making large-scale estimates of above-ground biomass subject to bias if they ignore these differences in stemExpand
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Tropical forest tree mortality, recruitment and turnover rates: calculation, interpretation and comparison when census intervals vary
Summary 1 Mathematical proofs show that rate estimates, for example of mortality and recruitment, will decrease with increasing census interval when obtained from censuses of non-homogeneousExpand
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Tree height integrated into pantropical forest biomass estimates
Abstract. Aboveground tropical tree biomass and carbon storage estimates commonly ignore tree height (H). We estimate the effect of incorporating H on tropics-wide forest biomass estimates in 327Expand
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Tree diversity and conservation value of Ngovayang’s lowland forests, Cameroon
The Ngovayang Massif of southern Cameroon is a range of small hills near the Atlantic coast, in the Lower Guinea floristic region. This region is known to harbor forests with high levels ofExpand
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Diversity and aboveground biomass in three tropical forest types in the Dja Biosphere Reserve, Cameroon
We present tree community diversity, species composition, basal area and aboveground biomass of three forest types in the Dja Biosphere Reserve, in South-East Cameroon, part of the contiguousExpand
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Soil Does Not Explain Monodominance in a Central African Tropical Forest
Background Soil characteristics have been hypothesised as one of the possible mechanisms leading to monodominance of Gilbertiodendron dewerei in some areas of Central Africa where higher-diversityExpand
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Floristics and Biogeography of Vegetation in Seasonally Dry Tropical Regions
SUMMARY To provide an inter-continental overview of the floristics and biogeography of drought-adapted tropical vegetation formations, we compiled a dataset of inventory plots in South AmericaExpand
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Residence times of woody biomass in tropical forests
Background: The woody biomass residence time (τw) of an ecosystem is an important variable for accurately simulating its biomass stocks. Methods and results: We reviewed published data from 177Expand
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Exploring the floristic diversity of tropical Africa
BackgroundUnderstanding the patterns of biodiversity distribution and what influences them is a fundamental pre-requisite for effective conservation and sustainable utilisation of biodiversity. SuchExpand
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