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Cosmic Plasma Physics
Preface. Introduction. 1. Particles and Fields: Exact Self-Consistent Description. 2. A Statistical Description of Cosmic Plasma. 3. Propagation of Accelerated Particles in Cosmic Plasma. 4. TheExpand
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The Motions of the Hard X-Ray Sources in Solar Flares: Images and Statistics
On the basis of the Yohkoh Hard X-Ray Telescope (HXT) data, we present a statistical study of different types of the hard X-ray (HXR) source motions during solar flares. A total of 72 flares thatExpand
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Physical processes in solar flares
Introduction. 1. Magnetic Reconnection as a Heating Mechanism for the X-Ray Emitting Flare Loops and for Slow Coronal Transients. 2. The Neutral High-Temperature Turbulent Current Sheet. 3. TheExpand
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Particle acceleration in reconnecting current sheets
We study motions of charged particles in reconnecting current sheets (CS) which have both transverse (perpendicular to the current sheet plane) and longitudinal (parallel to the electric currentExpand
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Hydrodynamic response of the solar chromosphere to an elementary flare burst
The problem of hydrodynamic response of the solar chromosphere on impulsive heating by energetic electrons is discussed. All basic physical processes are considered in a one-dimensionalExpand
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Collisionless Reconnection and High-Energy Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares
Observations with the Hard X-Ray Telescope (HXT) and the Soft X-Ray Telescope (SXT) on board Yohkoh show that the reconnection process is common to impulsive and gradual Nares. We apply theExpand
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Evidence for prolonged acceleration based on a detailed analysis of the long-duration solar gamma-ray flare of June 15, 1991
Gamma-ray emission extending to energies greater than 2 GeV and lasting at least for two hours as well as 0.8–8.1 MeV nuclear line emission lasting 40 min were observed with very sensitive telescopesExpand
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Relativistic acceleration of protons in reconnecting current sheets of solar flares
Acceleration of protons in a reconnecting current sheet (RCS), which forms as a consequence of filament eruption in the corona, is considered as a possible mechanism of generation of the relativisticExpand
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Plasma Astrophysics, Part II: Reconnection and Flares
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Plasma astrophysics, Part II
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