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Dynamics of highly excited barium atoms deposited on large argon clusters. I. General trends.
Ba(Ar) clusters were generated by associating the supersonic expansion and the pick-up techniques and a complex dynamics was revealed, which can be interpreted as a sequence/superposition of elementary processes, one of which is the ejection of barium out of the cluster.
Characterization of the I2− anion ground state using conventional and femtosecond photoelectron spectroscopy
The X 2Σu+ state of the I2− anion has been fit to a Morse potential using data from two techniques: conventional and femtosecond photoelectron spectroscopy (FPES). Conventional photoelectron
Experimental evidence for ultrafast electronic relaxation in molecules, mediated by diffuse states.
The existence of a mediating state for the ultrafast electronic relaxation in ethylenic-like molecules has been shown by femtosecond electron imaging techniques and its high efficiency is due to its ability to link the electron distributions of the initial and final electronic states.
Unusual quantum interference in the S1 state of DABCO and observation of intramolecular vibrational redistribution.
An experimental study of the time-resolved response of the molecule 1,4-diazabicyclo-to-DABCO to 266.3 nm electronic excitation of the S(1) state with a femtosecond laser.
A roaming wavepacket in the dynamics of electronically excited 2-hydroxypyridine.
This work introduces a new tool for the understanding of time-resolved relaxation dynamics applied to large molecules through the roaming dynamics characterized by its strongly delocalized wavepacket on flat molecular potential energy surfaces.
Direct observation of slow intersystem crossing in an aromatic ketone, fluorenone.
The planarity of the fluorenone molecule disfavors the exploration of the configuration space where surface crossings would create high ISC probability, which occurs in benzophenone through surface crossings.
An efficient indirect mechanism for the ultrafast intersystem crossing in copper porphyrins.
The result is that these copper porphyrins can exhibit an ultrafast apparent intersystem crossing, unprecedented for organic molecules.
Prereactive evolution of monoalkenes excited in the 6 eV region
The time evolution of the first excited states of ethylene, and alkyl substituted ethylenes, isomers with formula C6H12, has been studied by the femtosecond pump probe method, using mass