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Spectroscopy, dynamics and structures of jet formed anthracene clusters
Abstract The spectroscopy and dynamics of the lowest excited states of the jet formed anthracene clusters (n
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Characterization of the I2− anion ground state using conventional and femtosecond photoelectron spectroscopy
The X 2Σu+ state of the I2− anion has been fit to a Morse potential using data from two techniques: conventional and femtosecond photoelectron spectroscopy (FPES). Conventional photoelectronExpand
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Gas phase dynamics of triplet formation in benzophenone.
Benzophenone is a prototype molecule for photochemistry in the triplet state through its high triplet yield and reactivity. We have investigated its dynamics of triplet formation under the isolatedExpand
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A roaming wavepacket in the dynamics of electronically excited 2-hydroxypyridine.
How much time does it take for a wavepacket to roam on a multidimensional potential energy surface? This combined theoretical and pump-probe femtosecond time experiment on 2-hydroxypyridine proposesExpand
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Dynamics of highly excited barium atoms deposited on large argon clusters. I. General trends.
Ba(Ar)(approximately 750) clusters were generated by associating the supersonic expansion and the pick-up techniques. A femtosecond pump (266.3 nm)-probe (792 or 399.2 nm) experiment was performed toExpand
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Unusual quantum interference in the S1 state of DABCO and observation of intramolecular vibrational redistribution.
In this paper we report an experimental study of the time-resolved response of the molecule 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane (DABCO) to 266.3 nm electronic excitation of the S(1) state with aExpand
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Femtosecond electronic relaxation of excited metalloporphyrins in the gas phase.
A systematic study of the ultrafast decay of metalloporphyrins containing various transition metals with partially filled 3d shells and zinc (3d filled) is reported here after excitation in theExpand
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Ar2 photoelectron spectroscopy mediated by autoionizing states.
This experimental work focuses on the complex autoionization dynamics of Ar(2) clusters below the first ionization energy of the argon atom. Ar(2) is submitted to vacuum ultraviolet radiation, andExpand
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Gas-phase dynamics of spiropyran and spirooxazine molecules.
The gas-phase dynamics of two classes of photochromic molecules, three spiropyrans and one spirooxazine, have been investigated here using both time-resolved mass spectrometry and photoelectronExpand
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Excited‐State Dynamics of Fully Reduced Flavins and Flavoenzymes Studied at Subpicosecond Time Resolution
The photophysics of the fully reduced states of a number of flavins (flavin mononucleotide, flavin adenine dinucleotide and 3‐N‐methyllumiflavin) and flavoenzymes (glucose oxidase from AspergillusExpand
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