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In vitro hepatotoxicity of the cyanobacterial alkaloid cylindrospermopsin and related synthetic analogues.
Cylindrospermopsin (CY), a sulfate ester of a tricyclic guanidine substituted with a hydroxymethyluracil, is a cyanobacterial toxin of increasing environmental import as it frequently occurs inExpand
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Molecular profiling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis identifies tuberculosinyl nucleoside products of the virulence-associated enzyme Rv3378c
Significance Whereas most mycobacteria do not cause disease, Mycobacterium tuberculosis kills more than one million people each year. To better understand why Mycobacterium tuberculosis is virulentExpand
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Synthesis of 2,3-dihydro-3-hydroxy-2-hydroxylalkylbenzofurans from epoxy aldehydes. One-step syntheses of brosimacutin G, vaginidiol, vaginol, smyrindiol, xanthoarnol, and Avicenol A. Biomimetic
We have developed two practical one-step syntheses of 2,3-dihydro-3-hydroxy-2-hydroxyalkylbenzofurans from readily available optically pure alpha,beta-epoxy aldehydes. Electron-deficient resorcinolsExpand
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Structure revision and syntheses of epohelmins A and B.
[structures: see text] Epohelmins A (24) and B (26) have been reassigned as pyrrolizidin-1-ols, rather than the proposed 9-oxa-4-azabicyclo[6.1.0]nonane structures 1 and 2, respectively. Syntheses ofExpand
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Synthesis of the carbocyclic skeleton of abyssomicins C and D.
[reaction: see text] Intramolecular Diels-Alder substrate trienyl methylenebutenolide 5 was prepared in six steps by coupling 3-methoxy-4-methylenebutenolide (6) with trienone keto aldehyde 7.Expand
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An Improved Procedure for the Conversion of Alkenes and Glycals to 1,2-Diazides Using Mn(OAc)3·2H2O in Acetonitrile Containing Trifluoroacetic Acid
Abstract Alkenes and Glycals react with Mn(OAc3)·2H2O and NaN3 in 9:1 acetonitrile-trifluoroacetic acid to give 1,2-diazides in >80% yield. Allylic azides are formed by slow addition of NaN3 to aExpand
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Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Leporin A.
  • B. Snider, Q. Lu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of organic chemistry
  • 19 April 1996
An efficient synthesis of (+/-)-leporin A (1) has been developed using a tandem Knoevenagel condensation-inverse electron demand intramolecular hetero Diels-Alder reaction to construct the keyExpand
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Biomimetic synthesis of the bicyclic guanidine moieties of crambines A and B
The acyl portions of crambine A (six steps, 29% overall yield) and crambine B (six steps, 26% overall yield) have been efficiently and stereospecifically synthesized from methyl acetoacetate
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Synthesis of (+)-sch 642305 by a biomimetic transannular Michael reaction.
[reaction: see text] The synthesis of (+)-Sch 642305 (1) has been completed in 17 steps in 1.6% overall yield. Transannular Michael reaction of 2b with NaH in THF provided cyclohexenone 23Expand
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