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In vitro hepatotoxicity of the cyanobacterial alkaloid cylindrospermopsin and related synthetic analogues.
The sulfate group was found not to play a role in CY activity or in its uptake into cells, since there was no significant difference in biological activity in vitro or in cells between natural CY and CY-DIOL.
Molecular profiling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis identifies tuberculosinyl nucleoside products of the virulence-associated enzyme Rv3378c
This strategy identified a previously unknown, Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific lipid, 1-tuberculosinyladenosine, which is produced by the Rv3378c enzyme, and establishes its role as a tuberculo-prenyl transferase and suggests a revised biosynthetic pathway for the sequential action of Rv 3377c-Rv 3378c.
Synthesis of 2,3-dihydro-3-hydroxy-2-hydroxylalkylbenzofurans from epoxy aldehydes. One-step syntheses of brosimacutin G, vaginidiol, vaginol, smyrindiol, xanthoarnol, and Avicenol A. Biomimetic
We have developed two practical one-step syntheses of 2,3-dihydro-3-hydroxy-2-hydroxyalkylbenzofurans from readily available optically pure alpha,beta-epoxy aldehydes. Electron-deficient resorcinols
Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Leporin A.
An efficient synthesis of (+/-)-leporin A (1) has been developed using a tandem Knoevenagel condensation-inverse electron demand intramolecular hetero Diels-Alder reaction to construct the key
An Improved Procedure for the Conversion of Alkenes and Glycals to 1,2-Diazides Using Mn(OAc)3·2H2O in Acetonitrile Containing Trifluoroacetic Acid
Abstract Alkenes and Glycals react with Mn(OAc3)·2H2O and NaN3 in 9:1 acetonitrile-trifluoroacetic acid to give 1,2-diazides in >80% yield. Allylic azides are formed by slow addition of NaN3 to a
In vivo biosynthesis of terpene nucleosides provides unique chemical markers of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
It is shown that the recently identified compound, 1-tuberculosinyladenosine (1-TbAd), accumulates to comprise >1% of all Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipid.
Synthesis of (+/-)-eusynstyelamide A.
The synthesis of (+/-)-eusynstyelamide A has been accomplished in six steps in 13% overall yield from 6-bromoindole, methyl glycidate, and Boc-protected agmatine. If oxygen is carefully excluded from
Oxidative and dehydrative cyclizations of nitroacetate esters with Mn(OAc)3
Abstract Reaction of α-unsubstituted nitroacetates with Mn(OAc)3 gives mixtures of isoxazolines, formed by dehydration to a nitrile oxide that undergoes cycloaddition, and isoxazoline oxides or
Synthesis of (+)-sch 642305 by a biomimetic transannular Michael reaction.
The synthesis of (+)-Sch 642305 (1) has been completed in 17 steps in 1.6% overall yield, with high overall yield of cyclohexenone 23 stereospecifically.