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Neuroregulators and Psychiatric Disorders
It's coming again, the new collection that this site has. To complete your curiosity, we offer the favorite neuroregulators and psychiatric disorders book as the choice today. This is a book thatExpand
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Facial myokymia: a clinicopathological study
Clinicopathological correlations are presented in a case of facial myokymia with facial palsy. The causative lesions were considered to be metastatic tumours to the pons and it was concluded thatExpand
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Cervical spondylosis and its neurological complications
ture, instructing patients before spirometry, and the placement of esophageal balloons. The tables of normal values are comprehensive and bring out the generally neglected fact that there areExpand
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Sarcoidosis of the cervical spinal canal: case report.
A patient with sarcoidosis presenting as an intradural extramedullary space-occupying lesion in the cervical spinal canal is described.
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Seizures secondary to isoniazid ingestion
SUMMARYTwo cases of seizures following the ingestion of large doses of isoniazid are reported. Possible mechanisms underlying such seizures and methods of treatment are discussed.
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Mineral waters of the United States.
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Bia ita inua o lasi
The Sunshine of My Dear Old Home In Maine
Early onsetmyotonic dystrophy inassociation withpolyneuropathy
SYNOPSIS A patient withearly onsetmyotonic dystrophy, withassociated neuropathy andepilepsy, ispresented. Itispostulated that hisdisorder was inherited through arecessive, pleomorphicExpand