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Media and the Transformation of Religion in South Asia
List of Illustrations A Note on Transliteration 1. Introduction SECT. 1. PRINTED IMAGES Introduction 2. Impact of "God Posters" on Hindus and Their Devotional Traditions 3. Suitable for Framing: The
The laws of Manu : with an introduction and notes
"The Laws of Manu" form a towering work of Hindu philosophy. Composed by many Brahmin priests, this is an extraordinary, encyclopaedic representation of human life in the world, and how it should be
Eaters, Food, and Social Hierarchy in Ancient India: A Dietary Guide to a Revolution of Values
IN THE MOST ANCIENT texts of India, power and dominance were unabashedly embraced and unashamedly displayed-in the "religious" sphere of ritual no less than in more "secular" domains. The Vedic
Reflections on Resemblance, Ritual, and Religion
This volume explores the organizational principles of the ancient Indian sacrificial system, and the role Vedic religion plays in later orthodox Hinduism. The author argues that Vedic conceptions of
Classifying the Universe: The Ancient Indian Varna System and the Origins of Caste
This is a comprehensive examination of the 'varna' system - a classificatory scheme laid out in the classical Hindu Vedic literature and thought to underlie the concept of caste, which continues to
Capital Punishment and Human Sacrifice
Le but de cette etude est d'examiner si, dans la pratique et l'ideologie qui entoure la peine capitale, on peut comparer les executions modernes aux Etats-Unis a l'ideologie et a la pratique des
Re-envisioning Hinduism and Evaluating the Hindutva Movement
L'A. revient sur le role politique du mouvement Hindutva dans la societe indienne. Pour les specialistes, il est necessaire d'aller au-dela de la simple description ou de la conceptualisation
Monotheism and Its Discontents: Religious Violence and the Bible
Le dernier livre de Regina Schwartz est consacre a l'heritage violent du monotheisme. Son ouvrage peut etre considere comme une contribution a l'etude critique de la religion. Il s'inscrit dans une