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Adaptation, adaptive capacity and vulnerability
This paper reviews the concept of adaptation of human communities to global changes, especially climate change, in the context of adaptive capacity and vulnerability. It focuses on scholarship thatExpand
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An Anatomy of Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability
Adaptation to climate variability and change is important both for impact assessment (to estimate adaptations which are likely to occur) and for policy development (to advise on or prescribeExpand
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Adaptation options in agriculture to climate change: a typology
Adaptation in agriculture to climate change is important for impact andvulnerability assessment and for the development of climate change policy. A wide variety of adaptation options has beenExpand
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Adaptation in Canadian Agriculture to Climatic Variability and Change
The effects of climatic variability and change on Canadian agriculture have become an important research field since the early 1980s. In this paper, we seek to synthesize this research, focusing onExpand
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Vulnerability to climate change in the Arctic: A case study from Arctic Bay, Canada
Abstract This paper develops a vulnerability-based approach to characterize the human implications of climate change in Arctic Bay, Canada. It focuses on community vulnerabilities associated withExpand
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A Framework for Assessing the Vulnerability of Communities in the Canadian Arctic to Risks Associated with Climate Change
Adaptation to climate change is recognized as an important policy issue by international bodies such as the United Nations and by various national governments. Initiatives to identify adaptationExpand
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Migration as an Adaptation to Climate Change
This article presents a conceptual model to investigate population migration as a possible adaptive response to risks associated with climate change. The model reflects established theories of humanExpand
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Human adaptation to climatic variability and change
Recent developments in both the policy arena and the climate impacts research community point to a growing interest in human adaptation to climatic variability and change. The importance ofExpand
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Case study and analogue methodologies in climate change vulnerability research.
Assessing vulnerability is an important component of human dimensions of climate change (HDCC) research. Vulnerability assessments identify and characterize who and what are sensitive to climatic rExpand
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