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Reference Data on Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
1. Introduction.- 2. Units of Physical Quantities.- 2.1 Systems of Units in Physics.- 2.2 Fundamental Physical Constants.- 2.3 Systems of Units Based on "Natural Standards".- 2.4 Tables of ConversionExpand
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Clusters and Small Particles: In Gases and Plasmas
1 Behavior of Small Particles in Gases and Plasmasy.- 1.1 Collisional Processes Involving Clusters.- 1.2 Motion of Small Particles in Gases.- 1.3 Charging of Small Particles in Plasma.- 1.4 ChemicalExpand
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Physics of Atoms and Ions
General concepts of physics of atoms are considered. A general atom scheme takes the Coulomb interaction of electrons with the nucleus and between them as the strongest interaction which togetherExpand
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Processes involving clusters and small particles in a buffer gas
Processes involving clusters and small particles are considered from the standpoint of interaction of clusters or small particles with atomic particles of a buffer gas. Two opposite interactionExpand
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The properties of fractal clusters
Abstract The general properties of fractal systems are described. The processes of growth and evolution of fractal clusters which consist of aggregated solid particles are reviewed. Results ofExpand
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The properties and the nature of ball lightning
Abstract The observed properties of ball lightning are given. A model of mean ball lightning taking average iarameters is based on observed data. By comparing the observed data with contemporaryExpand
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Electron Exchange and Changes in the Hyperfine State of Colliding Alkaline Metal Atoms
The asymptotically exact value of the exchange interaction between two alkaline metal atoms is calculated for large distances between the nuclei. The exchange interaction is found to exceed theExpand
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Theory of Gas Discharge Plasma
Introduction.- Processes in Gas Discharge Plasmas.- Kinetics and Transport Phenomena in Gas Discharge Plasmas.- Processes in Gas Discharge.- Helium and Argon Gas Discharge Plasmas.
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REVIEWS OF TOPICAL PROBLEMS: Atomic structure and the resonant charge exchange process
Inaccuracies in the atomic shell model due to the neglect of electron correlation and some relativistic effects are examined. The asymptotic behavior of atomic valence electrons is considered, andExpand
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