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Recent Developments in the Miocene Planulina Gas Trend of South Louisiana
ABSTRACT The lower Miocene (Oligocene?) "Planulina Formation" (FOOTNOTE 2) of South Louisiana is a sequence of interbedded sands and deep water shales beneath the Siphonina davisi zone and above the
Excavations at the priory of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, Clerkenwell, London
The Knights of St John, or the Knights Hospitaller, were one of the most famous Christian military orders. Their humble origins lay in helping early pilgrims at Jerusalem from the turn of the 12th
The Black Death in London
The Black Death of 1348 - 49 killed millions in its march across Europe, but how many is still a subject of intense debate with claims ranging between 25 and 50 per cent. This book examines the
Methods for calculating credible intervals for ratios of beta distributions with application to relative risks of death during the second plague pandemic
A novel method of calculating Bayesian credible intervals for a ratio of beta distributed random variables is shown to quantify uncertainty of relative risk estimates for these two epidemics which are considered in a 2 × 2 contingency table framework.
This is a long-awaited volume, but a marvellous one: a substantial monograph, drawing on a wealth of academic expertise, it reports fully on the internationally important early medieval chamber grave
Structural History of Houma Embayment: ABSTRACT
The Houma embayment is a structural downwarping of the middle Miocene continental shelf which was filled contemporaneously with a northward-thickening wedge of deltaic-plain sandstone and deep-marine