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This volume is a review on coherent states and some of their applications. The usefulness of the concept of coherent states is illustrated by considering specific examples from the fields of physicsExpand
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Gauge Symmetries and Fibre Bundles: Applications To Particle Dynamics
Meaning of gauge invariance.- Nonrelativistic particles with spin.- Magnetic monopoles.- Relativistic spinning particles.- Yang-mills particles.- Kaluza-Klein theory.- The canonical formalism andExpand
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Localization of Massless Spinning Particles and the Berry Phase
The components of the position operator, at a fixed time, for a massless and spinning particle with given helicitydescribed in terms of bosonic degrees of freedom have an anomalous commutatorExpand
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The birth and early evolution of our universe
It was in 1986 that we submitted a proposal to organize a Nobel Symposium on the topic "The Birth and Early Evolution of Our Universe", a subject not previously discussed at such a meeting. OurExpand
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Generalized phase-space representation of operators
Introducing asymmetry into the Weyl representation of operators leads to a variety of phase-space representations and new symbols. Specific generalizations of the Husimi and the Glauber–SudarshanExpand
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Lagrangian Descriptions of Classical Charged Particles with Spin
A discussion is given by Lagrangian descriptions of a relativistic spinning particle in an external gauge field. We present a Lagrangian formalism which is free from unphysical modes in free fieldExpand
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Electromagnetic fields in a thermal background
Abstract The one-loop effective action for a slowly varying electromagnetic field is computed at finite temperature and density using a real-time formalism. We discuss the gauge invariance of theExpand
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The transition from strong coupling to weak coupling in the SU(2) lattice gauge theory
Abstract The effects of modifications in the action for SU(2) lattice gauge theories are investigated by Monte Carlo computations. We find that Manton's action and a generalization of Villain's U(1)Expand
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Real-time thermal propagators and the QED effective action for an external magnetic field
Abstract The thermal averaged real-time propagator of a Dirac fermion in a static uniform magnetic field B is derived. At nonzero chemical potential and temperature we find explicitly the effectiveExpand
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