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Pursuit of thinness and onset of eating disorder symptoms in a community sample of adolescent girls: a three-year prospective analysis.
Community-based prospective studies are needed to shed light on mechanisms that may influence development of eating disorders and identify variables that could serve as potential targets forExpand
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An attempt to modify unhealthful eating attitudes and weight regulation practices of young adolescent girls.
This is the first long-term, controlled study evaluating the effectiveness of a prevention curriculum designed to modify the eating attitudes and unhealthful weight regulation practices of youngExpand
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Pubertal stage and panic attack history in sixth- and seventh-grade girls.
OBJECTIVE Although the incidence of first panic attacks appears to peak during adolescence, little is known about which features of adolescence contribute to the risk of a first panic episode. TheExpand
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Factors associated with eating disorder symptoms in a community sample of 6th and 7th grade girls.
Nine hundred thirty-nine 6th and 7th grade girls participated in the baseline phase of a prospective study designed to examine a set of potential risk factors for the development of eating disorders.Expand
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Metabolic Rates of Ephemerid Nymphs from Swiftly Flowing and from Still Waters
1. The oxygen consumptions of the small ephemerid nymphs Ephemerella ignita and Coenis sp. are (anaesthetised at 10° C.) 950 and 290 c.mm./gm./hour. Their habitats are respectively a stream and aExpand
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Running SINDA '85/FLUINT interactive on the VAX
This paper explains a command procedure sufficient to run SINDA '85 on the VAX in an interactive mode. Expand
Features of a SINDA/FLUINT model of a liquid oxygen supply line
The modeling features used in a steady-state heat transfer problem using SINDA/FLUINT are described. The problem modeled is a 125 feet long, 3 inch diameter pipe, filled with liquid oxygen flowExpand