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Determination of the nicotine content of various edible nightshades (Solanaceae) and their products and estimation of the associated dietary nicotine intake.
This investigation was initiated as a result of proposals in the literature that dietary nicotine intake could contribute to the level of nicotine metabolites in biological fluids such as salivaryExpand
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Odor thresholds of microbially induced off-flavor compounds in apple juice.
Microbially derived off-flavor is a major problem in apple juice production as it diminishes the sensory quality of the juice significantly. Fifteen relevant off-flavor compounds that are formed inExpand
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Determination of off-flavour compounds in apple juice caused by microorganisms using headspace solid phase microextraction–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
Abstract In apple juice the presence of off-flavour is one of the most frequent causes for consumers rejections and, consequently, represents an important problem to apple juice producers. In thisExpand
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Growth behavior of off-flavor-forming microorganisms in apple juice.
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris and Streptomyces griseus griseus are two bacteria species that are frequently found in apple juice as spoilage bacteria. They both show thermoacidophilic behavior,Expand
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Changes of the volatile fraction of cooked chicken meat during chill storing: results obtained by the electronic nose in comparison to GC-MS and GC olfactometry
Abstract In the present study the changes of the volatile fraction of heat-treated chicken meat in the course of chill storage were observed by using different techniques. It was the aim of the studyExpand
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PAHs and Nitrated PAHs in Air of Five European Countries determined using SPMDs as passive samplers
The gas phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and nitro-PAHs in the atmosphere of five European countries (Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden) were measured simultaneoExpand
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Changes in the aroma of a strawberry drink during storage.
The flavor of a commercially available strawberry drink was investigated with special regard to the changes of the sensory properties during the shelf life of the product. The experiments wereExpand
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Monitoring the plant epiphyte Methylobacterium extorquens DSM 21961 by real-time PCR and its influence on the strawberry flavor.
Besides its influence on plant growth and health, plant-associated bacteria exert an impact on fruit quality. Methylotrophic bacteria can enhance the biosynthesis of strawberry flavor compounds,Expand
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Key odourants of pressure-cooked hen meat
Abstract The volatile aroma compounds of pressure-cooked hen meat isolated by simultaneous distillation-extraction and extraction-high vacuum distillation were investigated by GC/MS andExpand
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The contribution of dietary nicotine and dietary cotinine to salivary cotinine levels as a nicotine biomarker
Abstract Dietary nicotine, as a source of nicotine biomarkers such as salivary cotinine, has been a controversial topic, mainly because of limited published data on nicotine in foods. Recently, aExpand
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