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Influence of SiO2 Fillers on Sliding Wear Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Compression Moulded Glass Epoxy Composites
The E-glass woven fabric-epoxy (LY 556) (GE) composites have been fabricated with varying amounts of silicon oxide (SiO2) particulate filler viz., 3, 6 and 9 wt % by compression molding followed byExpand
Effect of Process Parameters on Delamination, Thrust force and Torque in Drilling of Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composite
Drilling is the most frequently used machining process for carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite laminates owing to the need for structural joining. Delamination is a major problemExpand
Hybrid polymer composites for EMI shielding application- a review
Thispaperpresentsacomprehensiveliteraturesurveyonhybridpolymercompositematerialresearch forelectromagneticshieldingapplications. Itfocusesonelectromagnetic(EM)radiation,mechanismExpand
Mechanical and sliding wear properties of multi-layered laminates from glass fabric/graphite/epoxy composites
Abstract Multi-layered laminates of bi-directionally woven E-glass fabric/epoxy with different loading of graphite particles were made by hand layup followed by compression molding. Tensile andExpand
Polymer nanocomposites for high-velocity impact applications-A review
Abstract A study of high-velocity impact behavior of multi-layer nanopolymer composites has been one of the most exciting research topics in materials science and engineering. The materialExpand
Sliding wear, mechanical, flammability, and water intake properties of banana short fiber/Al(OH)3/epoxy composites
ABSTRACT Banana short fiber/Al(OH)3/epoxy composite laminates were prepared by dispersing short banana fiber and Al(OH)3 particulates in an epoxy matrix and investigated for their specific wear rate,Expand
Mechanical properties and sliding wear behavior of jatropha seed cake waste/epoxy composites
Jatropha seed cake particulate (JSCP)-reinforced epoxy composites were prepared by open mold resin casting method. The influence of JSCP on mechanical and dry sliding wear properties of epoxy wasExpand
Tribology and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fabric/MWCNT/Epoxy Composites
Cryogenic treated multilayered carbon fabric/oxidized multiwall carbon nanotube/epoxy (CCF/O-MWCNT/E) composite and untreated carbon fabric/epoxy (CF/E) composite were prepared by hot compressionExpand
Drilling and structural property study of multi-layered fiber and fabric reinforced polymer composite - a review
ABSTRACT Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are widely being used for structural applications due to their attractive properties. Particularly, to fabricate complicated structures by FRPExpand
Structure-property relationship of glass fabric/MWCNT/epoxy multi-layered laminates
Abstract Neat glass fabric/epoxy composites (GECs) and multi-wall carbon nanotube/glass fabric/epoxy composites (MWCNTGECs) were prepared by hand-lay-up followed by compression molding technique andExpand