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Fingerprint enhancement by directional Fourier filtering
A new method of enhancing fingerprint images is described, based upon nonstationary directional Fourier domain filtering. Fingerprints are first smoothed using a directional filter whose orientationExpand
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A model for interpreting fingerprint topology
A simple mathematical model is developed which computes fingerprint local ridge orientation from core and delta positions and provides an intelligent tool for resolving ambiguities due to the periodic nature of orientation. Expand
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On the space of orthonormal wavelets
This paper considers the generation of two-channel perfect reconstruction quadrature mirror filter banks corresponding to compactly supported orthonormal wavelets. Expand
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Moving discrete Fourier transform
A common approach to signal or image processing using the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) is to extract a portion of the signal by windowing, and then to form the DFT of the window contents. ByExpand
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Optimal quantisation strategy for DCT image compression
The authors present a strategy for generating optimal quantisation tables for use in JPEG image compression and its extension to general block sizes. Directly optimised quantisation tables wereExpand
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Transform domain technique for windowing the DCT and DST
An algorithm is developed to apply Hann, Hamming, Blackman and related windows directly in the transform domain for the discrete cosine transform and discrete sine transform. Expand
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Optimum DCT quantization
The paper offers a solution to the problem of determining good quantization tables for use with the discrete cosine transform. Expand
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A model for JPEG quantization
Presents a strategy for generating optimal JPEG quantization tables to approximate a target compression ratio. This uses a model to express the quantization coefficients as functions of compressionExpand
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Optimized wavelets for fingerprint compression
We present optimized biorthogonal and orthonormal wavelets for embedded zerotree wavelet compression of fingerprint images. Expand
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Computer Enhancement and Modeling of Fingerprint Images
The chapter discusses computer enhancement of fingerprint images, as well as the mathematical modeling of fingerprint ridge structure. Expand
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