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Ecological immunology: costly parasite defences and trade-offs in evolutionary ecology.
In the face of continuous threats from parasites, hosts have evolved an elaborate series of preventative and controlling measures - the immune system - in order to reduce the fitness costs ofExpand
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A quantitative review of heterozygosity–fitness correlations in animal populations
The ease of obtaining genotypic data from wild populations has renewed interest in the relationship between individual genetic diversity and fitness‐related traits (heterozygosity–fitnessExpand
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Constraints in the Evolution of Sex Ratio Adjustment
When the relative fitness of male and female offspring varies with environmental conditions, evolutionary theory predicts that parents should adjust the sex of their offspring accordingly.Expand
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Overlapping community detection using Bayesian non-negative matrix factorization.
Identifying overlapping communities in networks is a challenging task. In this work we present a probabilistic approach to community detection that utilizes a Bayesian non-negative matrixExpand
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Severe inbreeding depression in collared flycatchers (Ficedula albicollis)
The causes and magnitude of inbreeding depression are of considerable importance for a wide range of issues in evolutionary and conservation biology, but we have only a limited understanding ofExpand
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Genetic architecture of fitness and nonfitness traits: empirical patterns and development of ideas
Comparative studies of the genetic architecture of different types of traits were initially prompted by the expectation that traits under strong directional selection (fitness traits) should haveExpand
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Avian Quantitative Genetics
Most of the characteristics studied by avian ecologists relate to the external appearance of birdsiamorphology, life history, behavior, and in some cases, physiologyiathe very characteristics uponExpand
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Lifetime Reproductive Success and Heritability in Nature
The observation that traits closely related to fitness (“fitness traits”) have lower heritabilities than traits more distantly associated with fitness has traditionally been framed in terms ofExpand
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Male phenotype, fertility, and the pursuit of extra-pair copulations by female birds
  • B. Sheldon
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  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 22 July 1994
In field and laboratory studies of birds, positive associations between male phenotype and success at obtaining extra-pair copulations or extra-pair fertilizations are often interpreted as providingExpand
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Sexually antagonistic genetic variation for fitness in red deer
Evolutionary theory predicts the depletion of genetic variation in natural populations as a result of the effects of selection, but genetic variation is nevertheless abundant for many traits that areExpand
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