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Sunlight Persistence and Rainfastness of Spray-Dried Formulations of Baculovirus Isolated From Anagrapha falcifera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Abstract Nuclear polyhedrosis viruses such as the one isolated from the celery looper, Anagrapha falcifera (Kirby) (AfMNPV), have the potential to be successful bioinsecticides if improvedExpand
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Controlled release of sugar and toxicant from a novel device for controlling pest insects.
A novel biodegradable device, designed for long-lasting residual effectiveness of feeding stimulant (sugar) and insecticide (dimethoate) against apple maggot files and other insects, was formulated.Expand
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Volatile Compounds from Raspberry and Strawberry Fruit Inhibit Postharvest Decay Fungi
Fifteen volatiles released by red raspberries and strawberries during ripening were analyzed for the inhibition of postharvest decay fungi. Five compounds completely inhibited all fungi directly onExpand
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Effects of Sunlight and Simulated Rain on Residual Activity of Bacillus thuringiensis Formulations
The effect of sunlight and simulated rain on the residual insecticidal activity of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki formulations applied to field grown cabbage were measured. Leaf samples wereExpand
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Aggregation pheromone for the pepper weevil,Anthonomus eugenii cano (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): Identification and field activity
This study describes the identification of an aggregation pheromone for the pepper weevil,Anthonomus eugenii and field trials of a synthetic pheromone blend. Volatile collections and gasExpand
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Response of Starch-Encapsulated Bacillus thuringiensis Containing Ultraviolet Screens to Sunlight
Formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner spores and crystals, encapsulated together within a starch matrix containing no ultraviolet screens, lost all spore viability and insecticidal activityExpand
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Application of biocontrol fungi in granular formulations of pregelatinized starch-flour to control damping-off diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani
Abstract Pregelatinized starch-flour granules containing fermentor-produced biomass of the biocontrol fungi Gliocladium virens, isolates Gl-3 and Gl-21, and Trichoderma hamatum, isolate TRI-4,Expand
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Sunlight ultraviolet protection of the Heliothis nuclear polyhedrosis virus through starch-encapsulation technology.
In laboratory experiments, starch-encapsulated formulations of Heliothis nuclear polyhedrosis virus (HzSNPV) with and without an ultraviolet radiation protectant, were exposed on glass coverslips toExpand
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Brood rearing and food consumption by honeybee colonies fed pollen substitutes supplemented with starch-encapsulated pollen extracts.
SummaryThe whole lipid fraction of fresh bee-collected pollen was encapsulated in a starch polymer and added to a whey-yeast pollen substitute. Honeybee colonies fed pollen substitute supplementedExpand
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