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[An evaluation of the efficacy of treating rheumatoid arthritis with preparations for local use].
Applications of a 50% solution of dimethylsulforoxide give a statistically significant favourable effect as compared to the conventional physiotherapeutic methods of treatment: ultrasound and phonophoresis with analgin.
[Errors in the diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis].
The studies showed that the knowledge of the initial manifestations of the disease, its further course, detailed acquaintance with the features of the articular syndrome, extra-articular signs, laboratory data and their dynamics during treatment in each specific case allowed one to avoid diagnostic errors.
AB0145 The treatment of osteoarthrosis with dolgit cream in kazakhstan
The cutaneous application of Dolgit cream is considered to be real alternative to systemic usage of NSAIDs in treatment of OA because of its good efficacy and tolerability.