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The effect of nasotracheal intubation on the paranasal sinuses: A prospective study of 434 intensive care patients
A total of 434 patients admitted to the intensive care unit for mechanical ventilation were followed prospectively to investigate the influence of a nasotracheal tube on the paranasal sinuses.Expand
Effects of general anaesthesia with halothane on antroduodenal motility, pH and gastric emptying rate in man.
Antroduodenal motility, pH and gastric emptying rate were measured in 11 patients undergoing orthopaedic or plastic surgery with general anaesthesia. Motility was measured by manometry and gastricExpand
[Sinusitis caused by nasotracheal intubation].
Sinusitis following nasotracheal intubation (NTI) is an almost overlooked complication. The pathogenesis is believed to be development of oedema of the nasal mucosa due to irritation by the tube inExpand
Urinary retention during i.m. and extradural morphine analgesia.
In the postoperative period fifty-six healthy patients undergoing cholecystectomy or operations for duodenal ulcer, received, in a randomized order, i.m., "high-level" or "low-level" extraduralExpand
A model for acute haemodynamic studies in the ascending aorta in pigs.
Since data on velocity fields in the ascending aorta downstream of normal aortic valves in pigs have not yet been obtained velocity profiles were visualised using a hot film anemometer needle probeExpand
Residual curarisation: a comparative study of atracurium and pancuronium
Sixty patients (17–78 years old, ASA group I–II) were included in the study, which was triple–blind, randomised, stratified and controlled. Patients were selected in pairs according to sex and typeExpand
Postoperative Analgesia and Lung Function: a Comparison of Intramuscular with Epidural Morphine
Thirty healthy patients subjected to cholecystectomy or operation for duodenal ulcer were allocated randomly for postoperative analgesic treatment with morphine i.m. or epidurally. Morphine was givenExpand
Antroduodenal motility, pH and gastric emptying during balanced anaesthesia: comparison of pethidine and fentanyl.
In a randomized study of 22 patients, antroduodenal motility, pH and gastric emptying rate were measured during barbiturate anaesthesia with pethidine or fentanyl. Motility was measured by manometryExpand
Velocity fields and turbulent stresses downstream of biological and mechanical aortic valve prostheses implanted in pigs.
Since detailed knowledge about velocity fields downstream of heart valve prostheses obtained from in vitro studies has not been followed up by similar detailed studies in vivo a pig model for acuteExpand
Gastrointestinal motility and gastric pH and emptying following ingestion of diazepam.
The effects of diazepam on antroduodenal motility, gastric pH and gastric emptying rate were investigated in 10 volunteers. Gastric emptying was assessed using paracetamol absorption andExpand