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Endophytic fungi: a source of novel biologically active secondary metabolites * * Paper presented at
In the continual search by both pharmaceutical and agricultural industries for new products, natural selection has been found to be superior to combinatorial chemistry for discovering novelExpand
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Endophytes from herbaceous plants and shrubs: effectiveness of surface sterilization methods
Seven common methods of surface sterilization were compared for their effectiveness in isolating endophytes from herbaceous plants and shrubs growing in or near Brunswick, Germany. Only one methodExpand
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Fungi from marine sponges: diversity, biological activity and secondary metabolites
The diversity, biological activity and secondary metabolite production of fungi associated with marine sponges were investigated in order to assess the potential of these fungi for the production ofExpand
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We compare the extent to which advanced L1 Spanish-L2 English learners and English native speakers make use of the relative clause island constraint in constructing filler-gap dependencies. Expand
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The endophyte-host interaction: a balanced antagonism?
Since secondary metabolites are involved in fungal-host interactions, those of endophytes and their hosts were studied to try to understand why endophytic infections remain symptomless. A screeningExpand
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Endophyte-host interactions. II. Defining symbiosis of the endophyte-host interaction
We provide evidence that the symbiosis of fungal endophyte and plant host should only be defined in the broad sense as originally used by De Bary to mean the living together of organisms ofExpand
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Biologically active secondary metabolites of endophytic Pezicula species
Endophytic Pezicula strains were isolated from living branches of ten deciduous and coniferous trees and tested for their fungicidal, algicidal and antibacterial activities. From the threeExpand
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Microbial root endophytes
Dedicated to the interactions of non-mycorrhizal microbial endophytes with plant roots. This book deals with diversity, life history strategies, interactions, applications in agriculture andExpand
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What are Endophytes
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A fine line – endophytes or pathogens in Arabidopsis thaliana
Fungal endophytes were isolated in 2007 and 2008 from healthy Arabidopsis thaliana, growing in its natural environment in Braunschweig, Germany. In 2007, the predominant isolate was LeptosphaeriaExpand
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