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Dante and the Orient
Probing Dante's knowledge of empirical geography, use of crusade rhetoric, and fascination with the world beyond European borders, Brenda Deen Schildgen offers an alluring new perspective on Dante'sExpand
Augustine's answer to Jacques Derrida in the De Doctrina Christiana
HE DE DOCTRINA CHRISTIANA, besides its many other features, is a systematic defense of a science of reading, or hermeneutics, which Augustine argues is essential to understand Scriptures. BecauseExpand
Pagans, Tartars, Moslems, and Jews in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Brenda Deen Schildgen takes a new path in Chaucer studies by examining the "Canterbury Tales" set outside a Christian-dominated world - tales that pit Christian teleological ethics and historyExpand
Power and Prejudice: The Reception of the Gospel of Mark
Because of its virtual absence in the long tradition of biblical study, the Gospel of Mark offers an extraordinary case history of how changing cultural circumstances influence biblical reception.Expand
Sri Aurobindo: Renaissance in India and the Italian Renaissance
From the late eighteenth century on a cultural transformation was taking place in India that is called, both by Indian and European writers, the Indian Renaissance.1 This movement was both theExpand
Thomas More and the Defense of Images in the Dialogue Concerning Heresies
Thomas More’s Dialogue Concerning Heresies (1529) argues against iconoclasm in the context of Reformation attacks against the role of art in pious practices. In probing the biblical prohibitionsExpand
York Minster: From Local to National Preservation
When Henry Viii Ordered the Ruin of the Abbeys and Religious Houses in England in 1536, York had more than a dozen abbeys and monasteries and several religious-order run hospitals and poor houses.1Expand
:Reading Dante's Stars