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Charge dependent relation between the masses of different generations and Neutrino masses
Despite the enormous achievements, the Standard model of Particle physics can not be consider as complete theory of fundamental interactions. Among other things, it can not describe the gravitationalExpand
W-Strings on Curved Backgrounds
We discuss a canonical formalism method for constructing actions describing propagation of W-strings on curved backgrounds. The method is based on the construction of a representation of theExpand
$$T$$T-duality in a weakly curved background
We consider the closed string propagating in a weakly curved background which consists of a constant metric and a Kalb–Ramond field with an infinitesimally small coordinate-dependent part. We proposeExpand
Weakly curved background T-duals
We discuss the generalized T-dualization procedure, its connection to the standard procedure, and the results of its application to the arbitrary set of coordinates of the closed string moving in theExpand
Generalized canonical quantization of antisymmetric tensor gauge theory
Abstract The gauge-fixing problem in the nonabelian antisymmetric tensor gauge theory is discussed by using the systematic hamiltonian BRST approach. The BRST symmetry of the quantum action isExpand
Off-shell BRST quantization of reducible gauge theories
Abstract The quantization of the bosonic first-stage reducible gauge theories with closed classical gauge algebra is studied within the BRST approach. After constructing the off-shell nilpotent BRSTExpand
On the structure of ultraviolet divergences in the vacuum region of quantum electrodynamics
Starting from a finite QED in the Johnson-Baker-Willey formulation (1964), structures of UV divergences of (0 mod S mod 0) in QED are analysed. To obtain the finite QED in the vacuum region severalExpand
General solution of the WZNW system and 2D induced gravity in curved space-time
We find the general solution of the equations of motion for the Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten (WZNW) system in curved space-time for arbitrary external gauge fields. Using the connection between theExpand
Canonical approach to 2D supersymmetric WZNW model coupled to supergravity
Starting from the known representation of the Kac-Moody algebra in terms of the coordinates and momenta, we extend it to the representation of the super Kac-Moody and super Virasoro algebras. Then weExpand
The T-dual symmetries of a bosonic string
We investigate whether the symmetry transformations of a bosonic string are connected by T-duality. We start with a standard closed string theory. We continue with a modified open string theory,Expand