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Analgesic Activity and Acute Toxicity Study of Zornia gibbosa Span (Samyojaki) in Mice
The herb Zornia gibbosa Span is a member of fabaceae family and commonly known as Nellujollusoppu/Haradahacchaga in Udupi district of Karnataka. The drug is widely used in the treatment of fractureExpand
An Experimental Study to Determine the Rasapanchaka of Zornia gibbosa Span
Zornia gibbosa Span a member of fabaceae family, locally known as Nellujollusoppu/Haradahacchaga is widely used in the treatment of fracture by folklore practitioners of Udupi district, Karnataka.Expand
Rationale behind Scope of Hepato-Protective Drugs in the Treatment of Mukhdushika (Acne Vulgaris)
Among the skin diseases, mukhadushika is the most commonly observed ailment in day-to-day life having latent impact on one’s psychological behavior. Mukhdushika is mentioned in the context ofExpand