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Effects of aluminium and silicon on the oxidation resistance of 13% CrTi ferritic stainless steel
Abstract The effects of aluminium (0–2 wt.%) and/or silicon (0–2 wt.%) on the oxidation resistance in air of 13wt.%CrTi stainless steel have been investigated by means of isothermal heating in theExpand
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Electron Microanalysis of Backfilled Hot Cracks in Inconel 600 Method appears useful for studying interactions between elements in complex alloys
Hot cracks present in gas tungsten-arc (GTA) spot welds made in specially prepared samples of Inconel 600 were investigated to determine the effect of six minor alloying elements on the propensityExpand
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Effect of Minor Elements on Fusion Zone Dimensions of Inconel 600
This investigation was undertaken to determine the effect of six minor elements—S, P, Si, Mn , Ti, and Al—on the fusion zone dimensions of Inconel, a solid-solution-strengthened nickel base alloy. AExpand
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Synthesis of Weld Solidification Using Crystalline Organic Materials Because of their transparency , low melting points and suitable crystal structures , carbon tetrabromide and camphene proved to be
A program was undertaken to apply crystalline organic compounds to the study of the welding process by taking advantage of the transparency, low melting temperature and suitable body centered cubicExpand
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