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Human multidrug resistance ABCB and ABCG transporters: participation in a chemoimmunity defense system.
In this review we give an overview of the physiological functions of a group of ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporter proteins, which were discovered, and still referred to, as multidrug resistanceExpand
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The Stem Cell Marker Bcrp/ABCG2 Enhances Hypoxic Cell Survival through Interactions with Heme*
Our studies demonstrate that the ABC transporter and marker of stem and progenitor cells known as the breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP or ABCG2) confers a strong survival advantage underExpand
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Expression of the human multidrug resistance cDNA in insect cells generates a high activity drug-stimulated membrane ATPase.
Drug-resistant tumor cells actively extrude a variety of chemotherapeutic agents by the action of the multi-drug resistance (MDR1) gene product, the plasma membrane P-glycoprotein. In this report weExpand
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Interactions of the human multidrug resistance proteins MRP1 and MRP2 with organic anions.
The human multidrug resistance protein MRP1 and its homolog, MRP2, are both suggested as being involved in cancer drug resistance and the transport of organic anions. We expressed MRP1 and MRP2 inExpand
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The role of ABC transporters in drug resistance, metabolism and toxicity.
ATP Binding Cassette (ABC) transporters form a special family of membrane proteins, characterized by homologous ATP-binding, and large, multispanning transmembrane domains. Several members of thisExpand
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The role of ABC transporters in drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity (ADME-Tox).
ATP binding cassette (ABC) drug transporters play an important role in cancer drug resistance, protection against xenobiotics, and in general in the passage of drugs through cellular and tissueExpand
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An inventory of the human ABC proteins.
Currently 30 human ABC proteins are represented by full sequences in various databases, and this paper provides a brief overview of these proteins. ABC proteins are composed of transmembrane domainsExpand
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High-affinity interaction of tyrosine kinase inhibitors with the ABCG2 multidrug transporter.
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) are promising new agents for specific inhibition of malignant cell growth and metastasis formation. Because most of the TKIs have to reach an intracellular target,Expand
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Fluorescent cellular indicators are extruded by the multidrug resistance protein.
In this report we show that NIH-3T3 mouse fibroblasts stably expressing the human multidrug transporter (MDR1 or P-glycoprotein), in contrast to the control NIH-3T3 cells, actively extrude theExpand
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Differential Modulation of the Human Liver Conjugate Transporters MRP2 and MRP3 by Bile Acids and Organic Anions*
The multidrug resistance proteins MRP2 (ABCC2) and MRP3 (ABCC3) are key primary active transporters involved in anionic conjugate and drug extrusion from the human liver. The major physiological roleExpand
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