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Using clustering analysis in a capacitated location-routing problem
Abstract The location routing problem (LRP) appears as a combination of two difficult problems: the facility location problem (FLP) and the vehicle routing problem (VRP). In this work, we consider aExpand
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Head-mounted display versus desktop for 3D navigation in virtual reality: a user study
Virtual Reality (VR) has been constantly evolving since its early days, and is now a fundamental technology in different application areas. User evaluation is a crucial step in the design andExpand
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Rho4 GTPase Is Involved in Secretion of Glucanases during Fission Yeast Cytokinesis
ABSTRACT Rho GTPases are regulators of signaling pathways that control actin organization and cell polarity processes in all eukaryotic cells. In Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Rho4p is involved in theExpand
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User-centered requirements engineering in health information systems: A study in the hemophilia field
The use of sophisticated information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the health care domain is a way to improve the quality of services. However, there are also hazards associated with theExpand
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Location-arc routing problem: Heuristic approaches and test instances
Location-routing is a branch of locational analysis that takes into account distribution aspects. The location-arc routing problem (LARP) considers scenarios where the demand is on the edges ratherExpand
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A taxonomical analysis, current methods and objectives on location-routing problems
Location-routing is a branch of locational analysis that takes into account distribution aspects. This paper proposes a taxonomy, with two levels, for location-routing problems. The first levelExpand
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A simple and effective evolutionary algorithm for the capacitated location-routing problem
This paper proposes a hybrid genetic algorithm (GA) to solve the capacitated location-routing problem. The proposed algorithm follows the standard GA framework using local search procedures in theExpand
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PolyMeCo - a polygonal mesh comparison tool
Polygonal meshes are used in many areas to model different objects and structures. Depending on their applications, they sometimes have to be processed to, for instance, reduce their complexityExpand
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Using color in visualization: A survey
Color mapping is an important technique used in visualization to build visual representations of data and information. With output devices such as computer displays providing a large number ofExpand
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Fast pulmonary contour extraction in x-ray CT images: a methodology and quality assessment
Segmentation of thoracic X-Ray Computed Tomography images is a mandatory pre-processing step in many automated or semi- automated analysis tasks such us region identification, densitometric analysis,Expand
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