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Characterization of SLAC: A small laccase from Streptomyces coelicolor with unprecedented activity
The first known paramagnetic NMR spectrum for the trinuclear copper cluster of a protein from the laccase family is reported, and the enzyme, called SLAC, is highly stable, retaining activity as a dimer in denaturing gels after boiling and SDS treatment. Expand
Determination of the gene sequence and the molecular structure of the enterococcal peptide antibiotic AS-48
It is proposed that the AS-48 translated primary product is very likely submitted to a posttranslational modification during secretion by an atypical or a typical signal peptidase that cleaves off a 35-residue or shorter signal peptide from the prepeptide molecule and by the linkage of the methionine residue to the C-terminal tryptophan residue to obtain the cyclic peptide. Expand
The microneme protein MIC3 of Toxoplasma gondii is a secretory adhesin that binds to both the surface of the host cells and the surface of the parasite
Results suggest that MIC3 is a new microneme adhesin of T. gondii, which can be involved in protein–protein or protein–carbohydrate interactions. Expand
Purification and characterization of an inducible p‐coumaric acid decarboxylase from Lactobacillus plantarum
Abstract Lactobacillus plantarum cells displayed substrate-inducible decarboxylase activities on p -coumaric and ferulic acids of 0.6 and 0.01 μmol min −1 mg −1 , respectively. Activity in uninducedExpand
Proteome analysis of non-model plants: a challenging but powerful approach.
The power of 2DE for non-model plants in combination with multivariate data analysis and MS/MS identification and will evaluate possible alternatives are illustrated. Expand
Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Is a GABAA Receptor Kinase Linking Glycolysis to Neuronal Inhibition
The results provide a molecular mechanism for the direct involvement of glycolysis in neurotransmission and the prevention of rundown by G3P was abolished by iodoacetamide, an inhibitor of the dehydrogenase activity of GAPDH, indicating that the GABAA responses are maintained by a glyCOlysis-dependent phosphorylation. Expand
Identification and proteolytic processing of procardosin A.
A model for the proteolytic processing of cardosin A is proposed and the molecular and physiological relevance of PSI in plant aspartic proteinase is discussed. Expand
Molecular cloning of the Toxoplasma gondii sag4 gene encoding an 18 kDa bradyzoite specific surface protein.
Comparison of the nucleic acid sequence and the predicted amino acid sequence with databases did not reveal significant homology with known genes or proteins and this gene is proposed to be named sag4, according to the existing T. gondii nomenclature. Expand
Characterization of the respiratory chain from cultured Crithidia fasciculata.
The subunit composition of F0F1-ATPase (complex V), identified on the basis of its activity as an oligomycin-sensitive ATPase, is similar to that of bovine mitochondrial F0f1- ATPase, and amino acid sequence analysis allowed the identification of two F0 subunits and all of the F1 subunits. Expand
Identification of a gene coding for a deglycosylating enzyme in Hypocrea jecorina.
An enzyme with mannosyl glycoprotein endo-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (ENGase)-type activity was partially purified from the extracellular medium of the mould Hypocrea jecorina and used to identify the gene in the T. reesei genome. Expand