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Diversity enhances carbon storage in tropical forests
Aim: Tropical forests store 25% of global carbon and harbour 96% of the world's tree species, but it is not clear whether this high biodiversity matters for carbon storage. Few studies have teasedExpand
TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access.
The extent of the trait data compiled in TRY is evaluated and emerging patterns of data coverage and representativeness are analyzed to conclude that reducing data gaps and biases in the TRY database remains a key challenge and requires a coordinated approach to data mobilization and trait measurements. Expand
Biodiversity and climate determine the functioning of neotropical forests.
Aim: Tropical forests account for a quarter of the global carbon storage and a third of the terrestrial productivity. Few studies have teased apart the relative importance of environmental factorsExpand
Will seasonally dry tropical forests be sensitive or resistant to future changes in rainfall regimes
Seasonally dry tropical forests (SDTF) are located in regions with alternating wet and dry seasons, with dry seasons that last several months or more. By the end of the 21st century, climate modelsExpand
Composition and Dynamics of Functional Groups of Trees During Tropical Forest Succession in Northeastern Costa Rica
Results suggest strong linkages between functional types defined based on adult height and growth rates of large trees and abundance of seedling and sapling regeneration during secondary succession, and suggests much of the functional variation appears to drive successional dynamics. Expand
Functional traits variation explains the distribution of Aextoxicon punctatum (Aextoxicaceae) in pronounced moisture gradients within fog-dependent forest fragments
The ability of A. punctatum to modify leaf traits in response to differences in SM availability established over short distances facilitates its persistence in contrasting microhabitats within forest patches, however, xylem anatomy showed limited plasticity, which increases cavitation risk at leeward edges. Expand
Lichen diversity in colombian caribbean dry forest remnants
Presentamos un primer estudio de la diversidad y composicion de comunidades de liquenes en remanentes de bosque seco tropical (bs-T) en el departamento de Atlantico, Colombia. Se muestrearon liquenesExpand
A morphological database for Colombian anuran species from conservation-priority ecosystems.
A data set containing eight morphological traits for 4,623 museum specimens of the seven largest collections in Colombia corresponding to 293 species of 14 families of anuran diversity, selected on the basis of their role in species' responses to environmental variability and their contributions to ecosystem processes is presented. Expand